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IPS Resources back online

Posted by Alex , 19 June 2008 · 1,233 views

Thank you for your patience while we made our improvements to the resource site! There are some exciting changes we would like to point out to help you navigate through the new features.

Homepage Updates

We've made a few improvements to the homepage, with more to come. Immediately, you will notice we have separated the left column to show 'Top' listings and the right column to show 'Latest' listings. We've also separated out modifications and skins to help you more quickly find the latest updates you are interested in.

Featured Resources

Once a month we will be posting a resource spotlight in the new 'Featured Resources' section. In each spotlight we will give you an overview of the resource with some basic statistics and a link to view or download it, a list of features or highlights for the resource, some screenshots, and a short interview with the author. The resources will include anything submitted to the Downloads or Articles areas. Please be sure to check out the featured resource for June!

Community Projects

IP.Tracker has been out for some time and has been a huge success. As a result, we will slowly be introducing more community projects to our customers. Next up will be IP.Shoutbox - a fully functional and comprehensive shoutbox system for your forum. The project is based on Dean's "D22-Shoutbox" and he is working closely with us on updating and preparing it for release. More information to follow soon...

In the mean time, please check out our new Community Projects page for more information on our community projects.

IP.Tracker 1.1.0

The first, stable release of the 1.1 series for one of our community projects, IP.Tracker, is now available to download. Over the past few months, this new version has been tested among many of you and we would like to thankyou for your help in finding all the bugs in this release. Huge thanks to krocheck and Jaggi for doing their work on IP.Tracker, you've done a great job!

Paid Resources

There are hundreds of resources available for sale from many authors who contribute to this site, and many of our users are interested in these resources. There are some drawbacks here

  • The user may have a hard time vouching for the trustworthiness of a paid resource
  • The user may not know a specific resource they are interested in exists
  • Paid resources are often not welcome on sites that host free resources for download, so authors have a hard time getting the word out about their work
  • A user may not be sure which paid resource they are interested in if more than one solution fits their needs

The resources site will now allow mod and skin authors to list paid resources in our download manager. The authors have to agree to certain guidelines, and if the guidelines are not met or maintained their work will be de-listed and not allowed back on the site. This helps users to verify that a solution is being properly maintained, fixed, updated and supported.

Paid resources will show up with a small symbol in our downloads database so you will more quickly know if a file is for sale or not. Filters have been added to the bottom of the download pages so you can easily filter out (or in!) paid resources in the event you don't want to see them (or only want to see paid solutions). Payment for a third-party solution is handled by the third party directly, and the download link will take you to their site to complete the transaction and download the work. Consider our database a helpful listing so you can better realize what kind of options are available to you. Authors can consider our database a useful tool to help them advertise the work they've put so much time and effort into.


Our company forums have undergone a slight re-organization in the resource sections to help you better identify where topics should be posted and found.

We've also added a "Most Recent Resources" feed at the top of the resource forums so you can stay up to date on new works submitted to the resource site.

Additionally, at long last, the resources site is now linked from the main company website at http://invisionpower.com - we hope this helps everyone discover all of the resources we have available to them that they may never even have known existed.

Finally, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our IPS Resources team for all of their hard work and dedication in expanding the resource site!

We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the updates!

© 2007 Invision Power Services, Inc.
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2008 Invision Power Services, Inc.
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Great work. original.gif
I like to hear stuff like this !!
Thanks Alex for this update
Jun 20 2008 12:39 PM
I think there should be a better distinction between paid mods and free mods on the mod's page (ie. replace the "Download Now" button with something else as when you hit that button), you're taken to a disclaimer about downloading mods (with a small caption about how it's a third-party mod) which honestly, if we're not downloading something from this site, makes it kinda out of place since the "Download Now" button doesn't really explain it, eh?
Its on our list of to-do's but its not the highest priority at this stage original.gif
So what happens with the resources site now that Nexus is on-hold ?
What do you mean? The resource site has beta 8 of nexus, and its non-expiry so the resource site will be fine original.gif

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