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IP.Subscriptions 1.1.0

Posted by Matt , 14 October 2009 · 3,942 views

I'm pleased to say that work has begun on IP.Subscriptions 1.1.0, our purchasable subscriptions manager for your community. This continues our commitment to develop and mature the product beyond IP.Board 3.0 compatibility.

Already, the subscription manager has come on leaps and bounds. New features already added include more robust PayPal payments which fully support recurring payments and recurring cancelations. Improved debugging tools and email notifications make managing your payments easier. Huge improvements in the interface on the public and administration sides help elevate the application further.

Posted Image

IP.Subscriptions 1.1.0 will fix any remaining bugs and introduce further Admin CP interface improvements as well as the ability to restrict subscription packages to specific member groups.

Posted Image

We'll bring you further updates over the next week as the release starts taking shape.

IP.Subscriptions is free to all active IP.Board license holders. v1.0.0 is available from your download center now.

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Great news :)

Shame that there are no plans to allow more than one subscription at a time.
Will IPS ever switch to using IP.Subscriptions for official purchases, or will that continue to be done as it is now?
Can this be used as a donations manager?

Will IPS ever switch to using IP.Subscriptions for official purchases, or will that continue to be done as it is now?

I don't think that will ever happen. IP.Subscriptions doesn't really "do" the sort of stuff that Nexus (that one day we might even get) does, it's pretty basic in comparison. It's more designed for forums to offer "benefit plans" rather than sell actual product - actual eCommerce solutions are much better at that.
Will there be any additional payment gateways added like google checkout?
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Awesome! I'm so totally reliant on getting this up and running, if you need anyone to trial it early you know who to email ;)
Also, will there be anything to easily monitor or notify when users payments fail or subscriptions expire / are cancelled etc?
Awesome. I really need this
hmm, 1.1, how could I have missed such an important blog post!? Posted Image
Matt, is this a planned release?
Apr 25 2010 08:38 PM
This is suppose to be released for 3.1 I believe.
very urgently awaiting these fixes
Any updates on a release date?
Any updates on this?

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