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IP.Blog 2.1.0 Development News

Posted by Matt , 30 October 2009 · 3,373 views

blog beta development
Works is progressing well on the next version of our blogging software. A lot has already been completed and I wanted to take a moment to share some of the improvements.

Efficiency and Extensibility
I've put a lot of effort into refactoring a few core classes to make them more useful and extensible. The ultimate aim is to remove function duplication and consolidate common actions into single functions or classes.
I've also introduced more caching to lower the query count and remove some of the more intensive queries. This has seen a reduction of nearly 60% of SQL work on a few page views alone.

Categories Return
During the development for IP.Blog we converted the categories system into tags. We felt that being able to apply several tags to a single blog entry was more useful than putting it into a category. This worked well but I felt there was still a need for 'fixed' categories. I've added categories back in and you can select multiple categories to file an entry in as well as as create new ones on the fly.

The following screen capture shows the new interface when making an entry:

Posted Image

This screen capture shows the blog list with the new "Categories" widget showing available categories with the number of posted entries in each.

Posted Image

UserCP Improvements
I've put a lot of work into making the UserCP more functional for the blog. Currently, you can create a new blog and edit its settings.
The new version allows you to do that as well as quickly mass-moderate comments and entries.

This screen capture shows the new UserCP Blog dashboard:

Posted Image

This screen capture shows the new UserCP Manage Comments screen:

Posted Image

These are just a few of the features already completed. We'll follow up with some more next week.

It's on the list :)

I've already integrated IP.Board 3s proper item marking which saves a bunch of queries.
Great! It gives me another reason to persuade my other admin on why blogs are easier than a forum for personal story updates! Posted Image
Looking smart matt keep the good work up matt :thumbsup:
Will Blog List page change or stay as it is?
I like the looks of it Matt, great job you are doing for us. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Oct 30 2009 12:06 PM
Looks good. Can't wait to get my hands on it :)
Excellent. :)

I particularly like the change to the control panel, it looks a lot better and tidier regarding ease of management of multiple Blogs, and the recent comments is a welcome addition to this screen too.
would be great if blogs could remember a users font selection etc., to save them from reformatting text on each entry.
Thanks for working on user CP. :)
Oooh, nice. Is this one going to play nicely with the major third party desktop blogging tools (Live Writer is a popular one)? Because 2.0 doesn't. It feeds kludges back in response to some XMLRPC queries (for example, according to Live Writer, my blog is located at http://server/SRGFSg...FSDGFGDfsdgfsdg==), and doesn't do any parsing of the HTML it's given.
Will it be possible that an admin defines "global" categories and sets user permissions for them?
Nov 01 2009 02:18 AM
looks pretty slick......but i'm still wondering about that formatted printout option! :thumbsup:
Will we have the sidebar on blog start page (which lists all blogs)? It will be a very usefull feature (the new vb has something like that on their blog start page).

Is it also possible to add the "numbered voting" system: as seen on sites like Digg, Mixx or Reddit - "to let users submit and vote on news articles. Vote on stories that interest you and articles that receive enough votes will appear on the homepage of the site".?
I'm elated to see work being done on a new (significant) version of IP.Blog. Thank you for adding categories back! One of the Blog's current weaknesses is the ability to find new comments posted in blogs. I'd very much like the ability to subscribe to individual blog entries and then get email when new comments are posted. I'd also like the ability to get new emails when ANY new comments are posted to an individual's blog, as opposed to just individual blog entries.

Also, I would love to see the main blog page revised, as the blog list view lost a ton of information and abilities when the blog was "Upgraded" with the last major revision (1.4 I think?) Please go back and revisit all the information that was removed, as well as the ability to sort by each column (which was also removed).

Can't wait to hear about other improvements being made. :)

I've to admit, you did again the best software (or it looks like at least) for blogging (as well as the forum). I love it. I'm looking towards 2.1 to actually buy the Blog-software for me and some of my friends and get rid of this freeware crap!
When will it be available? I can hardly wait!
Great work again, Matt!
Spent some time making sure that multiple blogs are mapped out properly. This screen capture shows that I have 3 blogs listed, 1 I own, 1 I am an editor on and another is a private club blog set up by another member.

Posted Image
Very nice, that looks great! :D

Saurabh Jain
Nov 09 2009 12:35 PM
How abt plugins................ Wordpress is among the best .. can we ever look IP Blog to be of same standards..........

I am feeling the heat as , my users never show intrest in blogging at IP Blogs....

and they show on wordpress ..............

one factor is so many themes and plugins...

can we look for themes , pages plugins... as we have in wordpress...
when will it go beta :blush: :thumbsup:

This screen capture shows that I have 3 blogs listed, 1 I own, 1 I am an editor on and another is a private club blog set up by another member.

Is there any plans or ideas to make a group blogs like communities in LiveJournal? I mean adding editors not only by each username, but adding whole usergroup (primary or secondary) as an editor. For example, all members in 'Can_blog_blog1' group can post to 'Blog1'. This wil add the ability to make a group blog in which all users or all power users (for example) can post.

And there is another two features I missing. Threaded view of comments and a friends post page. Just like in LJ: a page, where all posts by my friends are listed.

And... Thanks for the great software!

Oh, by the way. Why not to make tags communitywide? I mean not only in blogs, but also in forum (per thread) and gallery (per album or even single image) too. And clicking on a tag will show every content with this tag in all modules. I think making everithing global is in IPB 3 style. :)

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