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IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Ad Code Integration Part 2

Posted by Josh , 28 January 2010 · 12,831 views

Yesterday we showed IP.Board 3.1's ad code integration for the first time, today we'd like to give a quick update on the status of this new feature.

First of all, we were excited to read all of the positive feedback and great suggestions. We like to write these blog entries before features are 'set in stone', so that we can more easily and quickly include suggestions from our customers.

Group Setting

In response to your feedback, we've included a new setting that will allow you to hide ads for specified groups.

Attached Image

Ad Placement

Another common concern was the placement of ads within topic view. While we are not going to add an additional setting that gives you the option of showing the ad inside the first post, we do want to show you how easy it is to accomplish this. The ad code is passed into the template bit along with the first post, so you can move it any place you like within in that first post. Here is the code to display the ad:

<if test="adCodeCheck:|:$post['post']['_adCode']">

By default, we have this setup so that the ad is placed after the first post is completely printed. However, if you would like the ad displayed inside the first post, all you need to do is move that display code and place it after this code:

<if test="postSignature:|:$post['post']['signature']">

The same is true of the other ad codes, it's very easy to move them to any place in the template that you would like.

Modification Developers

There are also a few functions that may be of interest to modification developers. If you want to give users the ability to show ads in your mods, you can easily check permissions before displaying the ad using this new function: IPSAdCode::userCanViewAds(). This will return true/false depending on if the user can view ads or not.

Much like the board index, forum view, and topic view, you can have your modification set it it's own global header/footer ads by using a simple function:

IPSAdCode::setGlobalCode( 'header', $yourHeaderAd );
IPSAdCode::setGlobalCode( 'footer', $yourFooterAd );

Once again, thank you for the great feedback!

Nice, thanks!

First! ;)
group setting :thumbsup:
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Thanks :)
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
group setting great! :D very nice job :D
Perfect :)
Thanks for listening :)

Thanks for listening :)

One of the many reasons why they're above all else.
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Great. Thank you for taking in consideration the groups request!

It will be really nice if you can add forums settings as well so that specific forums could be excluded from showing ads!
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nice job...:blush:
Bryan Sammers
Jan 28 2010 04:50 PM
Thanks for considering all the suggestions.  A more professional forum just

  • uses these ad places to insert the code of his adserving program and
  • puts within the <head></head> all relevant target values like usergroup, forum script (forum start page, blog, forum list, thread view) that are directed to the adserving program
so that all places are within your adserving program, only there you command the ads with: "Only show this banner to usergroup 1,3,4 on the forum index page, topic page and the blog". 

This is a company that listens and implements to what the consumers wants. Thanks again
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Group settings is a must, so nice to see that!
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Nice job. Love the group options.
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Wow, very refreshing to see such proactive and positive responses to customer feedback.
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Blind Bandit
Jan 28 2010 07:26 PM
Now this is how forum development should be done. Too often I've seen developers tell members flat out that the features that are in demand won't get added. (phpBB, SMF). Its great to see a staff actually listening to their customers! :D
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We always listen and try to add things. It's just that sometimes people do not understand why we choose not to add certain things. There's usually a reason be it server resources, time required vs benefit of feature, support requirements, compatibility, etc. the list goes on.
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This is great news!!
Jan 28 2010 10:20 PM
Awesome! Keep the improvements coming!!! :D

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