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IP.Board 3.2.0: Notifications, Part 2

Posted by Matt , in Beta, 3.2.x 04 April 2011 · 4,734 views

IPBoard 3.2
We recently blogged about the notification interface enhancements. I'd like to take a moment to go through some further enhancements we've made in this area.

We want the notification system to be something you and your members use regularly to keep updated on new events and new content. We've really re-designed the alert system from scratch to make it simpler to use and indeed more useful.

First up, lets take a look at a little interface update from the last blog entry:

Posted Image

You'll note right away that we're using icons instead of text links and that the 'tab' of the menu is correctly colored to give a full application feel to this system. We've also added a link to the notification 'options' so you can fine-tune your preferences quickly. The more eagle eyed among you will notice a few entries for "New topics" and "new replies" but we'll get to that shortly.

Posted Image

Here's what the notification system looks like with new alerts ready to view.

We've spent some time looking at the various uses of the system and made some improvements to the preferences form:

Posted Image

We've moved 'notification list' as the first column. This is the first stop for many people as they may only want to have a 'red alert' box show when something happens. We've removed the option to send a notification via personal message. We found that virtually no one uses this option and it creates a chain-effect when you have certain notification combinations. Now that the notification 'red alert' box works correctly by only showing an un-acknowledged count which disappears when you click to view the drop down, we felt that having a separate personal message alert just duplicated this.

We've also moved the "show an inline pop-up" option directly inside the "Private Messages" section. Now, you will only get an inline pop-up for a personal message and not for other alerts. This was a very popular request! Also, when you receive a new personal message, you no longer get a notification about this. The new inbox alert system works exactly like the notification alert system in that the list retains the most recent items but the 'red alert' box disappears when you click the list.

Now that we've moved the 'watched topics and watched forums' over to the 'follow' system, we can tie this neatly in with the notifications system. You can elect to receive an alert when someone replies to a topic you're following just as long as you've selected an 'immediate' notification. This will be great when you want to continue browsing the board but need immediate notification when someone replies to a topic or starts a new topic.

I hope you enjoy these further updates to the system and find it a very useful way to be kept up to date with new events!

Feel free to comment on this blog entry below or, if you have feedback unrelated to this blog entry, start a new topic in our feedback forum. Be sure to check the What's New in IP.Board 3.2 topic for a running list of announced changes!

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Apr 04 2011 07:52 AM
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
One of the best parts is just to have the pop up for PMs only. The rest is clean gravy. :thumbsup:
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I love the new design and i haven`t seen it all yet!!!!!
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Apr 04 2011 08:22 AM
I like it. Much neater, much less notification "fuzz" and a clean, simplified selection process.

I like the idea of separating watched content too. (Now if only you could clean up the watched section and make that as easily accessible .... oohhhh.)

Great stuff chaps. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

Shaun :D

Yes! I see you implemented the options suggestion! Absolutely fantastic!

Thanks! Makes me feel good to know that you guys are constantly checking out suggestions and testing them out!
Edward Shephard
Apr 04 2011 08:33 AM
Look's great thanks. Aswell as the 'view all' and 'options' links can we have one to 'clear all' notifications directly from the drop down please.
Looks wonderful... :) thumbs up...
One suggestion I would make, although I can't see this on the image so apologies if you've already done it.

Could you group notifications for 3rd party applications, with their own headers ?


Member Map
- Notify me when my friends add their location
- Notify me when my friends update their location

I think this would be better than just having a (what could be huge) list of notification options, with no idea what application they apply to.
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I would love it if you improved the "quoted" notification to be more accurate as well. A lot of people tend to quote more than one person per post and not every one of those people get a notification. Would be nice if it was based on who was actually quoted.
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Absolutely fantastic indeed.

Are you also going to add a column for IM notifications, like facebook does now?
This is great. I also like that the notifications have been fixed so the alert goes away after you have acknowledged there is a notification, instead of having to click the dropdown and reload the page to make it go away. It was a minor quirk, but it bothered me. Glad to see it addressed here.
Just set a release date already!! I can't handle this anymore.. It looks too good and I would like it now.
Apr 04 2011 02:00 PM
Or at least determine some month of release... or even give a weak estimate on the arrival...

Or at least determine some month of release... or even give a weak estimate on the arrival...

2011 :P

Just set a release date already!! I can't handle this anymore

It is annoying, might as well tell us all the new notification features in the same blog instead of separating them into parts. if they keep building it up it will just end in disappointment when its finally released in 6 months time. :rolleyes:
"Matt liked your post" would in my opinion be MUCH more useful/user friendly if it actually said in which topic. For example something like "Matt liked a post you made in Can't wait for 3.2"
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Options for notifications for received rep is nice.

Also I noticed some design changes from this blog entry and the previous one about notifications. ;)
Nice improvements

Or at least determine some month of release... or even give a weak estimate on the arrival...

2011 :P

Aha, I'll take it. I'm starting my countdown. t-minus 626 days, 7 hours and 48 minutes. It's coming so fast! :D
I'm dreading the day you update this board to 3.2 and make us wait another four months like you did with 3.1. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to come because I know I'm getting something awesome.

You could just release this right now, you'd still have a product more stable than vBulletin 4.
Will it have a pop-up PM system like 3.0.x?

That's all I want.

Thank you.

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