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IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Referrals System

Posted by Mark , 07 May 2012 · 3,509 views

IP.Nexus has for a long time included a referrals system, allowing your customers to refer their friends to your community and subsequently earn commission on any purchases they make in IP.Nexus.

The problem with this set up though is that you might not want referrers to continue earning commission forever, or you might want to specify different commission amounts depending on what the referring user is purchasing.

In IP.Nexus 1.5 we're adding much better control over the system - you can now create custom rules which control the commission amount which will be paid out to referrers. Nexus will loop through the rules you set up and give the highest commission amount out of the rules that match.
You can base your rules on:
  • The number of purchases that the referring user has made (as a number, or as a money amount)
  • The group that the referring user is in
  • The number of purchases that the user making the purchase has made (as a number, or as a money amount)
  • The group that the referring user making the purchase is in
  • The packages being purchased
  • The amount of the transaction
You can then specify a commission amount to give as a percentage, and optionally a hard limit on the maximum amount of commission that can be given.

Here you can see I've set up a rule which will give the referrer 50% commission on the first purchase that members they refer make, provided the purchase is at least $10:
Attached Image

We've also made some improvements on the front-end. Firstly, users can specify any URL to use as the URL the people they refer are directed to.
In addition, users will be able to see the commission rules that apply to them:
Attached Image

If however, you don't want users to be able to see details of the commission rules, you can replace the content of that popup with your own custom message, or remove it all together.

Just like before, you can also create banners and upload them in the Admin CP, which will provide users code for using your banners on that page:
Attached Image

And you can of course keep track of who referred whom on the customer pages and customer history page:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Great improvements. As a thought, is there any way to have Nexus detect if a rule would never be used because another rule would pay out more? Would be useful if an admin has a flaw in their rules and would end up paying out more than they intended to or just have a useless rule that they can safely get rid of.

A couple of things caught my eye...

If you want the rule to apply to all store purchases, not not non-store purchases, you should manually select all packages.

Holy double nots, Batman!

Person being referred has made exactly 0 purchases and Purchase is at least $10.00

- Any way to have it say 'no' instead of '0'?
- The word 'purchase' is capitalized and would sound better as "the purchase" or "the purchase total"

(Oh and.. first comment, yay me!)
I'm enjoying reading all of these updates to Nexus! Can't wait to see what else is coming.
I hope we have the ability to referral deep link in 1.5... It's a bit frustrating the referrer links can only go to the forum root!


I hope we have the ability to referral deep link in 1.5... It's a bit frustrating the referrer links can only go to the forum root!


From the blog entry:
"Firstly, users can specify any URL to use as the URL the people they refer are directed to."
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Sorry for not reading that properly. ;)

Any chance at making an "All Store Purchases" entry in the "Includes Package" and/or make the package groups themselves selectable? This way the rules do not need to be updated as new packages are added (e.g. you want the person to earn commission on all store purchases, but not purchases made in IP.Downloads or whatnot, meaning you need to manually select all packages. When you add a new package, you must then edit the rule to include the new package. Adding an "Everything" or "All Store Purchases" option makes the plan future-proof in that adding a new package does not require editing the commission plan).
Gahh this looks incredible! I think this will not only be an amazing feature for Nexus, but beyond that, it will give Nexus users a HUGE edge over anyone not using in terms of distributing their products as widely as possible. So... here's to hoping none of our competitors start using Nexus 1.5, lol.

Also, will the existing refererrals, commissions, etc., get transferred over 1.5 pretty seamlessly I imagine? My main concern is existing Paypal auto-renews, and existing affiliates and the members they will have referred by the time 1.5 is released.

When is this coming out?!
Sep 20 2012 05:19 AM

is there any way to see all Referell sales in a list? And is it possible that my affiliates can see the own sales?
Sep 20 2012 07:20 AM
Example :

I can find:

Member Name Commission Earned Insider_Muster € 0,00

In this Case "austria" have refered "insider_muster"

"insider_muster" have paid today , but i cant see the commission.
When is the Commission up to date?

I dont want all Customers search for Partner Sales! Thats impossible! If i have 1000 Customers from Partners, must i all Customers extra checking for Partnersale?

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