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IP.Board Classic Blue 1.0 now available

Posted by Alex , in Community Skins 18 September 2010 · 1,853 views

We are pleased to announce that the first release of our IP.Board 2.3 Classic Blue skin for IP.Board 3.1 - is now available for immediate download from IPS Resources.

This skin is made by a dedicated team of volunteers within the community, these members of the community have spent a lot of time making sure the skin works as well as possible whilst bringing back the look from the old series. Please note that this is the first release, and the skin will have a few bugs.

You can download the Classic Blue skin here: http://community.inv...lassic-blue-10/

Moving Forward
Our future plans regarding the classic skins are as follows. The skins will not be ported for IP.Board 3.2, IP.Board 3.1 is the last version that we will create these skins for. For IP.Board 3.2 we will be taking one of the 3 skins and modernising it to match IP.Board 3 and current web standards, whereas it may have the same colours as a base, the end skin itself may be completely different to the 2.3 range.

We will continue to support these skins for the time being on IP.Board 3.1, and will write a blog entry when the time comes to stop production on them, giving the team room to make some remarkable skins in the future.

Old good 2006 year :)
Screenshot plz.
Leo - It look's exactly like the IP.Board 2.x skin, we'll get some screenshots available soon - but it's very similar and easy to disable if you don't like it ;)
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Leo - It look's exactly like the IP.Board 2.x skin

I beleive you 100%. Infact i just want to see that old 2.0 skin again ;).

I beleive you 100%. Infact i just want to see that old 2.0 skin again ;).

http://www.alexhobbs...0924-140201.png :)
I found several small skin deficiencies but otherwise is OK.

Personally, almost half year I try to do a skin IPB Classic Blue more cool - see here:

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