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Miserable Users

Posted by NenaDice , 17 April 2011 · 1,755 views

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Has it ever happen to you that you have had enough of those annoying users that troll your forums and misbehave? And you are tired of banning them?

If it has, then this hook might come in handy to you.

This hook will annoy those irritating users by making their browsing experience very miserable at your forum. Which hopefully will
make them go away and troll somewhere else.

You can have fun with the annoying users with the following things:

1) Random Blank Pages! You can show blank page to the annoying users at a random percantage.

2) Random 404 Error Messages! You can show a 404 error message at a random percantage to the annoying users.

3) Minimum Loading Delay Speed!

4) Maximum Loading Delay Speed!
You can make it so that they (the annoying users only) will experience an extremely slow page load at your forum.

5) Random Redirections! You can redirect them randomly to whatever url/page that you would like to have some fun.

6) Random Posting Restriction! You can restrict the annoying users from posting at a random percantage.

7) Forum Exclusion! If for some reason you want them to browse&post normally at a forum/s, then you can exlude that particular forum/s from all the above mentioned things.

8) Random PM Disable! You can disable the PM System for annoying users at a random percantage.

9) Random Chat Restriction! You can disable Chat access for annoying users at a random percantage.

10) Miserable User Message! And as last but not least, if after all this they still won't get the message, you can ram it home to them by showing a message at the board index that will be visible only to them.

This was the most fun hook coding for me. :D

Installation: After you install the MiserableUsers.xml file through Manage Hooks in your Admin Panel, you can configure it to your likings/needs at the System Settings->NenaDice.

To have an idea how it looks like when used, please check the below screenshots.

Click here to download this file

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Awesome! :lol:
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this is hilarious :thumbsup:
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Interesting mod and yes, sometimes can be usefull.
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I had such a mod on vB - it's cool to have it now on IPB. :thumbsup:
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Yeah... I would download this if it was free but I won't pay for it. :/
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I already have most of these features, and I didn't even have to install anything for them! Just kidding. :lol:
Love it :D
Thanks for your feedbacks and comment guys. I appreciate them all :)
Apr 18 2011 03:07 AM
Nice add-on. Nearly what I was looking for :)
Very fun mod. I hope to see many more annoyances added to future releases.

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