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Joie 1.1.0 Released With 7 Color Variations

Posted by Olivier Turbis , 25 April 2011 · 1,049 views

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View it live here!

We are glad to announce the release of Joie 1.1.0 as part of our current batch update. The new version of the skin is now compatible with our framework and with the latest IP.Services official applications (Blog, Downloads, Gallery, Chat, Nexus, Content, Tracker and Shootbox). The skin has also been revamped both design and code-wise. It now uses much more modern code. Current Joie customers can download (and reinstall) the new version of the skin through their download box.

7 Color Variations
Joie now ships with 7 color variations built-in: blue, beige, pink, orange, turquoise, khaki and violet. It is very easy to disable color variations and create your own ones.

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Hope you will enjoy this update!

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great improvment
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The pink could be a little bit lighter.
Olivier Turbis
Apr 26 2011 04:01 PM
You can change that easily.
Yes although if I am paying for it I should not have to.
The first screen shot has the shade I would not mind having.
The color picker does not work on W7 Chrome
Olivier Turbis
Apr 26 2011 06:49 PM
@Glumbo: What if you clear your cookies?
I think that your themes are the most advanced theme variations but they sometimes get in the way with the new gallery.

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