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Subscriptions Manager 1.0.3

Posted by Michael , 01 May 2011 · 1,815 views

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Recently, I was asked by IPS to take over their old application, IP.Subscriptions. I am pleased to announce that I have gone ahead and released my version of this app to the IPS Marketplace. Users of IP.Subscriptions 1.0.2 can upgrade to this version the same as any other IP.Board application: by uploading all of the new application files and running the upgrade script from the Manage Applications & Modules page.

Nothing much has changed in this version except for a few small bug fixes, and some minor cosmetic changes. The main goal of taking over this product was to ensure it was still be usable when IP.Board 3.2 comes out, and that is my plan. This release was simply to make sure this product is still available to all IP.Board license holders, and to get my feet wet in using this product (as it's not one I normally use, personally).

Download the file: here
Get support: here
Report a bug: here

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Nice to see you're keeping the project going :)
Yeah, good luck on the new projects. :) Happy to see them being continued.
Herofiles ★
May 01 2011 10:16 PM
Nice one!!!!
Very glad to have this product in your hands, Michael.
Good to see :P

If I didn't get IP.Nexus i should most def need this!
Illinois Internet Developm
May 06 2011 08:39 AM
I'm sure glad you are on board with development too... Great Job !!!

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