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Advanced Tags & Prefixes for 3.2 - 10% off

Posted by Ryan H. , 25 July 2011 · 1,497 views

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IP.Board 3.2 has made great progress with a new tags and prefix system for topics. The system's features and options are pretty limited, though.

Have you wished you could make prefixes some color other than gray, or use images instead? Or maybe you've wanted a way to add tags and prefixes to many topics at once, to get all your old topics up to speed. Or maybe you want users to be able to make their own tags, but only use prefixes you define.

Unfortunately, IP.Board 3.2 doesn't let you do any of that--but with Advanced Tags & Prefixes, you can do it all and more.

Advanced Tags & Prefixes enhances IP.Board's built-in tagging system, providing custom styling and fine-grained control over prefixes as well as helpful moderation tools for tags and prefixes alike. This application is normally $15, but it's on sale by 10% until August 1st in honor of IP.Board 3.2's release.

For more information or to purchase the application, browse to Advanced Tags & Prefixes in the IPS Marketplace.

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Well this is neat. I could find a use for it but only if it was free.
Might have to get it. I love colors.
Jul 26 2011 09:58 PM
Yeah i agree with Amy... Would sure go for it... If it's Free or 100% Discount on Price :)
I appreciate the kind words, but I don't think that's really an option... sorry, folks. :)
15$? 1/10 of IP.Board?
There are skins for $20, this application is very useful.

Seth Jones
Please keep comments constructive, if you don't like the price don't buy it then :).
Lux Aeterna
Jul 29 2011 07:42 PM
I bought this today, works great, well worth the small investment for the hard work by the developer. This will greatly improve your SEO.

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