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Introducing the (PIN) SignInForm

Posted by Peter F. , 26 October 2011 · 613 views

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When IP.Board 3.2 was released a new popup login was introduced. However as this login box was loaded via AJAX browsers would not autofill a users username and password in this popup box. This obviously causes an inconvenience for the ordinary users of our forums.

To that end I have created the (PIN) SignInForm. It overrides the default login box to provide a popup that browsers will autofill a users username/password combo. It is available to purchase in the IPS Marketplace here.

A demo of the Hook in action is available at test.modstation.com and support is available in the support topic

Very useful mod!

I wonder if IPS plans on fixing the AJAX autofill bug in the future versions?
Thank you for your comment.

In answer to your question: They don't consider it to be a bug
Don't get me wrong peaderfi, you are nice person but you tend to go inactive leaving your mod's in limbo. I have to remove you Awards mod because of no single support for 3.2.x.

If you don't support your previous mod, I will be bit skeptical buying new ones.. on the top I will even hesitate to install your free mods because after few months they will go unsupported.
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I had some exams at the start of this month (the first week of the month) which I had to prepare extensively for. I expect to have an update out for 3.2.x for the Awards mod within the week. Similarly I expect to push out updates for my other mods in the next two weeks.

None of my mods are unsupported, they may not have been updated promptly after the release of 3.2 but they are definitely not unsupported.
Wow, that's a long time for an update AlexJ. Thanks for the feedback. Just what I look for because this seems to be an issue with some developers.
IMO when I don't see any mod updates for 3-4 point releases, I call it unsupported. For your awards mod:

3.2.0 - No update
3.2.1 - No update
3.2.2 - No update
3.2.3 - No update

For me it is/was definitely unsupported for all this point releases. When some author has no time to update his mod for 4 point releases, I just uninstall the mod because off course, I am going to update my forums as I don't like security issues.

This is just not my opinion but many other admins also have started using other award mod. More or less stick with one reason then people might believe you. First it was next few days, then internet issues after months and then exam reason.

Posted by peaderfi on 27 July 2011 - 10:17 AM in IPS Marketplace Topics
I'll be releasing an update for this in the next few of days.

02 September 2011 - 05:46 AM
Sorry for not replying for so long. I was away for the past couple of weeks without access to the internet. I am still working on the 3.2 compatibility.

And your "2 weeks" are famous from this topic which never saw any light...


As I said, you are good as person but I hardly see any support for you mods. I hope you will support your new mods and will again support your old mods.
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I understand your frustration and I do need to work on my communication I agree. The app was not unsupported however, I mismanaged my time when 3.2 was released with some other work I was doing immediately after which I had to start preparing for the aforementioned exams. The reason there hasn't been an update since August is because of those exams. As mentioned I intend to have an update out before the end of the week.

It was however supported for the version that it was designed for (3.1.4) during that time.

And yes the Social Groups app did not materialise. This is during a time when I had to refocus my time on other aspects of my life and I felt I did not have the requisite time to dedicate to full time developing and maintaining an app like the Social Groups concept. The app is 95% complete however I have not released it to date because of my decision at the time. It is something I plan on revisiting within the next month however.
Give the guy a break, he's preparing for the exams. Study hard man, respect!
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Give the guy a break, he's preparing for the exams. Study hard man, respect!


Give the guy a break, he's preparing for the exams. Study hard man, respect!

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