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5 Free Skins now available

Posted by Grant B , 10 February 2012 · 1,668 views

Thank you to those who supported my skin development.



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I love you man
Thanks mate I am sure people will be glad of them, I keep watching fo IP Sleek Green but its not there. however I will keep watching thanks.
Very nice themes, thanks a ton. :)
LOL, guess i should have waited, i bought MW3 skin about 48 hours before it went free. Had to stop using MW3 skin due to a few mods that i needed not working, and MW3 skin would have needed loads of edits ( im not skilled enough nor had the money to get someone to do it ) but the skin was nice.

If you want I can take a look at the edits for you, or if you need help with anything skin related give us a pm
Great designs, thanks :)