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RSS Management Application, Tutorials, Consistency, Resource Usage Update

Posted by Marcher Technologies , 14 March 2012 · 1,064 views

As maybe some have seen ..a fully-featured RSS Management Application has been released. :ahappy:
I just wanted to go over some of the key updates for 1.0.2.
I Overhauled Both Frontend and Back in regards to Hovercards specifically, The URL feed result is now cached locally for ALL users by URL... which means the Feed is Actually Available locally for use, with a refresh time of 30 minutes.
This is Done Behind the scenes, so is a transparent difference, But means the Resulting HoverCards Load Much more snappily, and intense usage should cause much less resource strain.
Feed Content Within The hoverCards now have Truncation controls as a global Setting, so if you don't want to truncate, or show less/more, feel free to adjust :smile:
Importing to Michael McCunes Tutorials Application Is Implemented for Owners of That application to utilize Importing RSS Feeds into, Complete with Title Truncation Options, Tags, And Title Prefix Functionality:
{catname}, where noted in Field Descriptions for the Title Prefix, will be replaced with the selected Category Name within Tutorials and Content Imports.
{database} Will Be Replaced with the Database Name From Database Configuration When used within The Title Prefix There.
RSS Management Application: Feature Rundown and Usage Videos :ohmy:
Usage Video Part 1
Usage Video Part 2
Have so Many RSS Output Feeds The menu reaches for the "sky"? :baby:
Need Better Options For Where, and How to Import your RSS Feeds into your site's Database?
Need RSS Import with a lighter footprint?
Get Your Copy Of The RSS Management application Today. :sorcerer:
RSS Management Application 1.0.9
Last Updated Jul 11 2013 01:58 AM

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