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GMM Skin Themes Major Price Change (Reduction)

Posted by Mama Gail , 19 July 2012 · 1,031 views

I have decided to make a major price change to all themes in the Marketplace as well as on GMM Skin Themes. I will now only be charging a flat price of 7.50 for all of my designs. I have decided on this as my co-owner is no longer designing and I have reduced the amount of designs I now am doing. Since I have gotten older my eyes are not as good as they once were which has caused me to do less and less on the computer in general. Thus my designing days are becoming numbered. I will still offer designs as I feel up to it and will continue to offer Free designs as well. I am no longer providing subscription service to GMM Skin Themes as I just don't feel that it is warranted any longer. I also will be doing away with all 3.1.4 version themes at the end of this month, so if anyone is interested in that version they are presently all FREE for download till end of month. I do appreciate those that have purchased my designs over the years and I know once I no longer have the ability to provide designs I will miss it tremendously. I do hope that those who have enjoyed my designs will continue to purchase what is available here in the marketplace as well as on my site, as not all designs are available here and there is a greater variety available @ GMM Skin Themes.

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Last call for FREE 3.1.4 Themes. All will be removed next week. Also watch for the return of English Garden 3.3.4 & Black Desire 3.3.4 both coming end of month, early next month.
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Jul 29 2012 11:40 PM
they were a bit pricey considering..

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