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GMM Skin Themes offering more Free Designs

Posted by Mama Gail , 08 September 2012 · 864 views

As previously announced I am reducing my designing, as well as have reduced the maximum price of all premium themes to a low price of only $7.50.
I have decided to offer a lot more designs FREE, when I do offer designs. There will be no set amount of designs completed monthly but whenever I do offer designs the ratio will be 2 to 1. 2 Free to 1 Premium. Years ago when I first started out all I did is offer free designs to members with certain post counts, I will be offering the free ones to all members just for registering and validating membership.

I will offer all premium designs here in IPS Marketplace but not all the free ones. I will post to the blog that new free themes are available but members here must register at GMM Skin Themes. and validate their email in order to download the new Free Themes. All designs will support the latest version of IPS Board and all add-on applications regardless of free or premium.

I just released my first fall theme Free Autumn Blush.
Posted Image

More designs coming :
Cozy Brown
Hello Autumn

Thank You for your patronage and your continued support of my designs.

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Great to see you back more!
Looks very gay to me.

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