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Updates, announcements, and featured resources in the IPS Marketplace.

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I wanted to take a couple of minutes to highlight my small contributions to the community although I hope they prove useful.


These are two simple 'blank' images I made expanded out to the correct sizes for the logo (358x64) and meta image (208x70)
The main reason was for anyone who did not have any software capable of dealing with .psd's as these are just simple .png images that any image editor should be able to cope with. The official GDK .psd will obviously provide a 'nicer' result however I wanted something that was very simple for everyone to be able to use too even if its just for a temporary logo while a 'nicer' one is being created.

This is a simple package of nine different coloured 'highlight' bbcodes: Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Orange, Red, White, Yellow , these can be very useful for highlighting or drawing attention to a specific area of a post.

This script allows you to import an InvisionFree database to then be upgraded to the latest IP.Board version. The reason this is required is the database dump usually provided when requested from IF does not include any 'CREATE' statements, it expects an already existent 1.3 database to be there and empty. This file circumvents this 'catch22' by providing the appropriate empty tables for you.
I've taken a lot of time with the readme with a very detailed 'hand holding' slow step by step approach to ensure that new admins are capable of using it. I should point out official support will be able to assist with an IF 'import' but I wanted this for those who would like to "do it themselves"

This I created after a support topic I noted quite a while back now, if by some reason all the IDM mime types have been lost you can simply use this to 'restore' them back to default which would be a lot quicker than manually entering them one by one. It does not restore the permissions for them ie "file" or "screenshot" however these are easily and quickly manually edited in as required.


This is a quick way to restore the default emoticons. You can use the xml provided to replace them back to normal. Note you may have to adjust the /style_emoticon/default directory too. This is provided as the installer on a new installation does not use a normal xml for them, they are inserted via the installer usually hence the need for this file to restore them if required.
Enjoy. :)
Hey everyone Christian here,
Recently I stumbled upon a Wiki project to do for someone:
Project:   http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/projects/_/ipb-and-mediawiki-bridgesingle-sign-on-r81
This project was a sing-sign on bridge. This was already implemented, but for older versions of IPB. I used to be on the project last year but I left it, because I had work so I couldn't contribute to it fully. I had old logs set for it for fixes but never really got to finish all of it as I was busy as stated earlier.
So when I decided to do it I wanted it to work for the latest version of IPB, because that what I use.
Originally the IPBWiki interface worked up to 3.1.x I believe. So I modified it a bit and did some remodeling in the AdminCP so the structure would fit it. Currently there are a few noticeable bugs in the AdminCP (not bugs, rather Skin issues), but I'll fix that in the later versions. Right now I want to fully get back into Mediawiki again and check it out.
For a demo of the IPBWiki head here: http://demo.animehaven.net/ipb/
TODO List: [*]Ask users for features they need :P (I still need to brush up on my coding skills but ill do my best) [*]Integrate IPB's default theme with it. (currently uses some other themes and it's default theme.) [*]Fix some AdminCP skin issues. [*]Language Packs ( Right now its a bit dusty, but im trying to learn how to implement languages in it so give me time) [*]Remove dependencies for older versions of IPB as I will not support them. 
If you are planning on giving it a go for yourself:
Mediawiki 1.20.x+ requires PHP 5.3 as the minimum
Mediawiki 1.9.x requires PHP 5.2 as the minimum
Features of IPBWiki:
  [*]Seamless integration of the login system of MediaWiki and Invision Power Board. Your website visitors get the convenience of a single sign-on into the forum and the wiki, leading to an increased community participation. IpbWiki provides 2 authentication methods: [*]Transparent User Authentication: if the user visited the forum and there exists a forum session, then user is automatically logged in into the wiki. [*]Non-transparent User Authentication: Clicking the Login button in the wiki authenticates against the forum database and logs the user in both the wiki and (optionally) the forum.
[*] Integrated Skins:  Out of the box skin integration.
[*] Configure Wiki-Rights:  grant wiki-rights (read, edit, minoredit, createpage, createtalk, move, delete, undelete, protect, block, createaccount, upload, reupload, reupload-shared, rollback, patrol, editinterface, siteadmin, bot, asksql, checkuser) based on the member's Forum User Group and member's number of posts.
[*] Supports BBCode & Emotions:  IpbWiki Parses BBCode so your forum members continue to use the familiar forum BBCode, leading to an increased community participation. Emoticons are also supported.
[*]Automatically link keywords in your forum post to wiki-topics by using the Automatic wikification extension, or link to topics manually by using the [wiki] bbcode
[*] Discussion Threads:  possibility to configure IpbWiki to redirect the wiki discussion tabpage to a forum discussion thread, again leading to an increased community participation.
[*]Rating System: Allows your visitors to provide feedback how much they like your articles.
[*] Limited CMS capabilities:  Add topiclists and forum posts inside your wiki pages.
[*] Online Users Integration:  Show in 1 list who's active on your forum and wiki.
[*] Poweful & Convenient Control Panel:  All options can be simply selected turned on/off in your Admin CP Panel.
[*]Link multiple wikis to 1 forum
[*]Since IpbWiki is based on MediaWiki you can automatically enjoy all features of MediaWiki when you use IpbWiki
[*] No Programming Or Editing Needed:  Simple installation and a user friendly control panel supports configuring features as you need.

I will be applying updates and patches when needed, when I have the time to add them. Since I am still in "School" I wont be on as much when September-June hits.
The integration is free since Mediawiki and open source. I will try to get this into IPB 4.0 when it releases, but it wont be immediate (hopefully not a lot changes)
Click here to download this file

OUR SKINS NOW ONLY $10 (EXCEPT Christmas Skins)
Check our 3.4.5 & 3.4.6 Skins here
== NOTE: ALL OUR 3.4.5 SKINS WORK WITH 3.4.6 ==
and have been skinned for:
Introducing Agile by IPS Themes
Our latest theme for the IP.Board 3.4 series 'Agile' is now available at the  IPS Marketplace  and  IPS Themes . We've re-styled the software from the ground up whilst also introducing various new functionality. A brand new backend framework, all PNG icons replaced with font icons, live customisation and re-designed profiles are just a few of the many key features found in Agile.

Bespoke Framework
Agile is built upon a brand new theme framework by IPS Themes. Take full advantage of countless amounts of customisation opportunities to the layout, styling, backgrounds, announcement messages, logos and fonts.

Live Customisation
Also included with Agile is a live customiser capable of editing your background image and announcement message background image live and in-browser on a per user basis. The customiser will also automatically load the images from your server. Simply upload your images and they'll be read to use.

100% Font Icons
Agile features an entirely custom font icon pack that replaces all existing .png icons throughout the IP.Board suite. Rather than loading hundreds of individual images, Agile takes full advantage of quick loading and pixel perfect font icons. They will even inherit your colour scheme.

Re-designed Profiles
An area often neglected in IP.Board themes is the profiles. We've spent time re-designing and modernising user profiles all whilst making use of existing functionality within IP.Board. The new cover images seen in Agile are simply a replacement of the profile background image functionality.

Free upgrades to the IPS4 version will be offered to all customers of this theme if purchased between now and the first downloadable version of IPS4.
http://i.imgur.com/ESnq4bz.jpg http://i.imgur.com/A081yTg.jpg]
Chameleon & Chameleon Dark available for IP.Board 3.4.x.
Includes a free upgrade for IPS.Suite 4.x

After the inital release of these themes on IPBFocus, the Chameleon series ( Light & Dark ) are now available on the IPS Marketplace. Chameleon adapts itself based on your background image by using semi-transparent "frosted glass" content boxes to allow your background image to partially show through. This allows you to easily customize the genre of the theme by changing only the background image. The header collapses on-scroll and stays at the top of the screen for easy access.
Skin Features

"Settings" Template File
This skin includes a settings file allowing you to easily enable or disable features within the skin. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required.

Sticky, shrinking header
The header shrinks in size and sticks to the top of the page for easy access to user controls and the board index.

Blurred content
In firefox, the content behind the header bar is blurred.

Frosted Glass content boxes
Your background image is displayed beneath your content boxes which have a frosted glass effect.

Modified topic view
If enabled using the settings file, the topic page can be swapped to a horizontal design to focus your users attention on the content.

Guest message
A customizable message is shown to guests, prompting them to either register or login to your forum.

Social link icons
Social links can be enabled/disabled and customized to your own URL using the Settings file, allowing you to easily link to your social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc)

Optional Tooltips
Forum descriptions are be placed inside animated tooltips (and can be disabled using the Settings file), resulting in a cleaner layout.

HTML text as logo
Changing the logo text is extremely easy by modifying the HTML text. If required, the text can be replaced by a small image instead.

Individual forum icons
If enabled, you can customize the icons for each forum, allowing for easier identification. Easy to add your own, with instructions provided once purchased.

Grey-scale "no new" icons
Forum icons are converted to grey-scale using css filters in webkit browsers (Safari & Webkit) if there are no new posts in that forum. Other browsers simply reduce the icons opacity.
A free upgrade for IPS.Suite 4.x will be provided to all customers once the software reaches a final (non-beta or alpha) version.
For more information and live demo's, take a look at the Chameleon skins on IPBFocus and the IPS Marketplace:
Chameleon: IPBFocus -- IPS Marketplace
Chameleon Dark: IPBFocus -- IPS Marketplace

You asked for it and We have delivered. We are happy to announce the new mod (Sin) IP.Content Database Templates. With this modification to your IP.Content you can make a database look like the articles of the IP.Content system. With three different listing templates you can make it your own...
Blog Format Listing

As you can see all you need to know is your field key names! and its a snap to make it how you want it! 
(2x2) Format 

Display View



Will these be updated when 4.0 is released?
Yes all my mods and skins will be updated when IP.Board 4.0 comes out!
Purchase Now!
Sinistra Designs IP.Content Database Templates.
I'm pleased to announce the new release of Teams, which is 1.1.0!


Teams 1.1.0 was initially be slated to be an entirely new product entitled " Teams Extended ", as there are a few new features added which are more social and may not be for the typical Teams administrator, however I have simply made these features optional with toggles in the AdminCP and rolled those into Teams.
Team Topics
Previously when a team was created, it was hidden away in the Teams area and it wasn't really noticeable. Unfortunately without any View New Content functionality, Teams had to be visited to find new content. This has been fixed in 1.1.0 with the introduction of Team Topics.

Team Topics are simply a new topic added to a forum of your choice when a Team is created. They look like this:

The topic title is customisable, as is the forum the topic is posted in to (great for a pure "teams" section, or even just for your "off topic" section):

Team Topics updated with News Posts
This brings me on to my next addition, which was only natural with the addition of Team Topics, and that is to add any new News Posts for a Team directly into their Team Topic, as you can see here:

As you can see, Team News and the News Post into the Team Topic supports the full BBCode, and is encased in a Quote to separate it from the regular discussions. It is also toggle-able - meaning that if you don't want news posts cluttering up any team discussions, you don't have to:

Team News Comments
The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the "View & Comment" link in the above screenshot. This is arguably the largest, and most requested addition to Teams this time, which is Commenting on News Posts. This makes news less of an announcement and more of a discussion, which is what a lot of people wanted.

As comments use the in-built IP.Board API's, they support editing, deleting, moderation and all of the standard things such as BBCode, etc.
Team News and Comments will both show on the main team index, making it easy to get an overview of whats going on in your team:

Moderation of comments is also available from the main teams index, making it easy to get rid of spam comments there and then.

Bug fixes
As with every release, Teams 1.1.0 also fixes lots of bugs. The most notable being an annoying issue where the team logo wasn't able to be set, and was removed on edit of the team. The same type of issue was fixed for closed teams being reset to open on edit, as well as some miscellaneous issues.
Teams is currently available on the IPS Marketplace for only $12 , and this upgrade is free for existing customers! :)
1). Make your Articles Beautiful to Read, not Dull. [*]Create short and catchy headlines. [*]Always write your own unique content.  Never directly copy from someone else and claim it as your own. [*]Include images that are of high quality. Make sure they are relevant and interesting to your content. [*]Finally, feature your most popular/best/recent articles by incorporating a slider into your website.
IPC Slider has impressed and delivered to well over 100+ clients, rising to one of the most popular hooks for a good reason: It makes you and your Articles look fantastic!  

2). Change up your theme and make a homepage with Content .
  [*]No-one will wants to see the same 'out of the box' design. Purchase a theme that you think will most suit your community.   [*]Consider "Responsive themes" or "Responsive Hooks" to accommodate your mobile/tablet audience. [*]Create a homepage with Content, and utilise Content Layouts to design an effortless page.
Content Layouts will allow you to create the perfect homepage without touching a line of code.  Simple yet effective settings to create a three, two, or single column layout in one page only. Its an ideal hook for someone wanting to create an easy, no hassle page.  

3). Transform those Bad Topic Titles into a Clickthrough
  [*]On almost any site you will see a 'Recent something' panel.  Unless your community are a bunch of copywriters the chances are your Topic Titles are never quite as good as you would like them to be. Could it be effecting how your visitors view and engage with the rest of your site? [*]Create a new way of making your Topics more engaging by including images of the topic within the sidebar.
Recent Topics is the perfect solution for any IP Content powered site wanting to feature a list of Recent Topics, with attachments.  (It also integrates with the IP Board sidebar)  

4). Feature those all important Topics, not just Articles!
  [*]Featuring Topics with a Slider was almost unheard of in the IPS community until recently. The newest addition to the IPC Slider family, is Topic Slider.  [*]Set a bunch of parameters, and watch your community topics fly into a slider with images, without lifting a finger.

Mandrill Bouncer 1.1 now deals more effectively with Spam complaints made by users via their email provider.

Users are blocked from receiving email when a spam complaint is reported via Mandrill. They're shown a message that explains that they can fine-tune their settings on the site to determine which emails they receive. Quite often the emails they're complaining about are ones that they've subscribed to.
Once a user confirms they do want to receive more emails, they'll be unblocked and carry on as normal. If they trigger a spam complaint after this, they will not be able to manually opt-in, this is to prevent them continuing in a circle and damaging your Mandrill reputation. These users can be unblocked by request in the ACP.
IP.Board 3.3
If you're running IP.Board 3.3 and you've got your SMTP settings configured to send via Mandrill, we'll automatically use these settings for communication with the Mandrill API.
ACP Enhancements
The ACP contains two new pages, showing which accounts have had their email disabled. They are split up so that you can see who has been blocked for bounces and who has been blocked for a spam complaint.
$30 Exclusively on IPS Marketplace
If you find any bugs in this product, please report them to our bug tracker .

If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area . You must supply your IPS Community email address.        
For a limited time the simplistic them will be offered at a reduced price of only 5 USD that is a 50% reduction in price!
  Simplistic 1.1


0 Follow this file

Simplistic is a lightweight modern theme,using mainly the flat style of design in keeping with modern web design.I have tried to make this skin as lightweight as possible using little or no images at all.It is also a very neutral theme which would serve any forum or business site very well.
Logo psd included
Font awesome icons used for various elements of the skin
Footer links block
looks great on mobile devices and tablets
No annoying copyright
low price as always
Full support offered
color picker may be added in future if demand for this is warranted
What's New in Version 1.1 ( See full changelog ) [*]Social media icons added!


I know a number of people have been waiting a while for this, some quite a while, indeed it's something I've been working on for a while now. Due to the amount of work and time that has gone into creating the app I have decided that it will be a paid application. Anyway without further ado I present to you

The (PIN) Bookie System

The (PIN) Bookie System adds a "points bookie" to your forums that allows you (or your members if they have the necessary permissions) to create "books" upon which your other members can bet (again provided they have the necessary permissions).

There are two different types of "books" that you can setup for your users to "bet" on:
[*] PickEm Books - In this type of book there are no "odds", no points "bet", just a straight "pick" of one of the options. Lets take our Chelsea - Utd example. In this case a "bookmaker" would setup a "PickEm Book" with the options "Chelsea - Win", "Utd - Win", "Draw". Users would then choose which option they think will happen as their "pick". They only get one choice per pickem "event". Now you will have noticed that I've been placing certain words in quotes above. This is because some of the words in "" can have different meanings depending on how the app is configured by the admin. These "special words" are explained in the FAQ at the bottom of the post. Each type of "book" also has a corresponding Leaderboard where users are ranked based on their success (or lack therof) in their "bets" or "picks". Frequently Asked Questions Q. Is there a free version or a trail version? A. Due to the nature of the application (the featureset) and other technical limitations a free version or ]a trial version is not possible. I will be setting up a demo of the app shortly. Q. How much does it cost? A. It costs $10 and can be purchased from here . Q. Where can I purchase this fine application? A. It can be purchased directly from my site The Mod Station . You will need to register an account on the site to purchase as the app is delivered via the downloads system on the site. Q. I bought the app but I can't download it. HELP! A. Due to the risk of fraud all transactions are screened before they are approved. This unfortunately means that there is some delay between purchase and delivery of the app. I do endeavour to approve transactions as quickly as possible, however there will be times when I am not at my computer, and thus unable to approve the transactions. I apologise in advance for this but unfortunately it cannot be helped at the present time. Should you find that your transaction has not been approved after 48 hours please open a ticket in the Client Area of my site giving as much detail about the transaction as possible. Q. I think I've discovered a bug in the app? A. Please report it, giving as much detail as possible, in the Tracker Bookie Category on my site. Q. I have a feature which should absolutely be included in the app NAO! A. All feature requests/suggestions should be posted in the Bookie Feedback Forum on my site. I cannot guarantee that any specific feature request will be implemented, nor can I guarantee that every feature request will be replied to, however all feature requests/suggestions are reviewed and assessed on their merits. "Bumping" of old feature requests is allowed provided the replies are not "spam" (ie selling Viagra etc). Q. What is an "event"? A. An "event" is something upon which a "bookmaker" thinks users will bet. Examples include a football match, how many users will sign up to the forums in the next week, who will win a given league or competition. Essentially an "event" can be anything you want it to be. Q. What is a "book"? A. A "book" is the thing a "bookmaker" sets up to allow users to "bet" on or "pick" a given outcome of an "event". Q. What is the difference between a "bet" and a "pick"? A. A "bet" involves users placing a certain amount of their points on a given option (a wager), with the expectation of winning an amount of points greater than their bet should the option win, should their chosen option not win then they lose their initial wager or "bet". A "pick" is when the user selects a given option to win but places no points at risk should the option not win. Users can "bet" on an "Event Book" and can "pick" an option in a "PickEm Book". Q. What is a "bookmaker"? A. A "bookmaker" is a person who can create "books" for users to "bet" on or "pick" an option from. There are two ways in which selected users can act as "bookmakers" in the app. The first is as straight up bookies. They offer bets for people to bet on and take the risk to their points balance. So users placing bets are betting directly against the bookie, which means if they win the bookie pays them the winnings out of the bookie's own points balance, and if they lose the bookie gets to keep their bet. The other way is for selected groups to act as bookmakers on behalf of the site. In this case the "bookmakers" don't gain any points when people lose bets, nor do they lose any when people win bets. Instead the site is the real bookie and points are taken from users when they place a bet and awarded to users when they win bets. The choice is a global option and is configurable from within the ACP. Q. What are the scoring systems for the Leaderboards? A. The "Events" Leaderboard uses the following system: (bet + return) for a win and -bet for a loss since users do lose points by betting while the "PickEm" Leaderboard uses: 1 for a win, 0 for a loss Q. How do I "settle" an event? A. A task runs every 10 minutes to check for "books" which have closed. If it finds any it then marks them as closed. Once a "book" is marked as closed the "bookmaker" who created the "book" can edit the first post of the thread and they will be presented with the option of choosing which option has "won" the "event". Upon selecting and submitting that chose the forum will automatically settle each and every bet made on that book awarding points where they are due and updating the relevant leaderboard as necessary.
Events Books - These are the traditional type of books. Each "book" corresponds directly to one "event". As an example lets say you have a football match at the weekend between Chelsea and Man Utd. A "bookmaker" creates a "book" for this "event" with the options "Chelsea - Win", "Utd - Win", "Draw". Users can "bet" on these options using points they have on their profile (NB: At present the users must have points from a points app/mod installed on your forums to be able to place "bets" in the bookie). Throughout the "event" duration the bookie can alter the odds for each option. When a user places a "bet" on a given option they "lock in" the odds available for that option at the time the event is placed.

Hello, I'm here with two great gateway for IP.Nexus, Amazon Simple Payment & BIPS.me ,
Amazon Simple Payment
Amazon Advanced Simple Pay is an easy way to accept payments or donations and makes it possible for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to pay conveniently and securely on your website using the information in their Amazon accounts. ( more )
FAQ , you can find it Here for IP.Nexus
BIPS is one of the largest bitcoin payment solution providers. BIPS operates as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) for Merchants and acquirers bitcoin payments for consumers and merchants. More
you can find it Here for IP.Nexus

We are very proudly to announce our latest theme  Canvas  is now on the theme market at just  $15 . This theme is visually stunning in every way, taking elements from all different previous themes and ensuring you get nothing but the best. Take a look at the theme on our demo forums to a live preview!
Highlighted Features
  Over 20 fantastic theme settings to play with! (That doesn't include the different styles and options you can choose!)
    Flexible Logo as always

Additional features includes the ability to turn off the theme changer, move the forum statistics to the sidebar and back, revert the footer, display social icons and the ability to display them in three key locations. 

(Don't fancy making a logo? Then use a text based one styled to fit in perfectly!)
    Guest Message
(Choose from three different locations to display your guest message!)
    Styled Descriptions
(Want to hide forum descriptions? Then use our new feature which allows you to turn them into tool tips!)
    Easily Changeable
(Change the background within seconds with zero experience required.)
    Supports 3rd Party
(This theme comes fully capable of supporting 3d party applications)

Purchase theme  - Or read up on it more...
We are pleased to announce the release of an all new premium skin to the IBSkin collection...
"Azure" for IPB 3.4.5 and 3.4.6.
You can preview this skin live here on the IBSkin forums .

You can also purchase this file here in the IPS Marketplace.

Works with the LATEST VERSION of ALL of these applications: [*]IP.Board [*]3.4.5 [*]3.4.6

Included in the download: [*]All fonts used throughout the skin [*]logo.psd [*]team-icon.psd [*]Installation instructions (document and video) [*]IBSkin copyright and license agreement
Logo text change, copyright removal and skin installation will be offered to you as an optional add-on after you put the skin in your shopping cart. You must purchase this skin in the IBSkin Shop at www.ibskin.com to be able to purchase these additional add-ons.

TheHost4U are pleased to announce our IPB Skin End of Year Sale.
Purchase ANY skin and get 25% OFF the price by entering END201325OFF at checkout
Sale ends Midnight 31st Jan 2013
More info at Thehost4U
I would like to announce a great opportunity to get one or more of my most popular modifications. You can even save 50%! Just check them: <clic>

I'm here for you, this is my long term mission. I never quit and leave you without any help.

I've not abandoned any of my mods at all. I know that a few of my mods need a little more love, but I'm doing what I can best to offer you a good product and great support.

Best of luck!
Corex Responsive Skin
Our latest theme for the IP.Board 3.4 series 'Corex' is now available at the IPS Marketplace and IPBPlanet.com .
Corex is a clean, simple, fully responsive & retina-ready theme for IP.Board 3.4.x. It’s created using the ideas and principles of the modern and so popular flat design. Corex is a great choice for building a community of any type.
The corex skin is fully retina-ready. All the icons are scalable so your forum theme will always look 100% sharp on any high-resolution screen.
Sidebar and footer information blocks are available. You can use them for ads, contact information or anything else!
Layered PSD’s and logo icon’s files included. You can change colors of the icons with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.
Full and detailed documentation included.

Skin Width

Responsive Design

Clean Code

General Features

The Configuration File

Psd Files

Full Documentation

Foundation Theme
Foundation is a beautiful outstanding theme which can adapt to any forum genre, with the ability to add a custom background allowing you to change the whole experience of the theme with one image. With detail in mind the theme is built using ThemeTent's powerful framework which allows you to focus on the community and interaction. We've reviewed several areas of IP.Suite and rearranged them to work more efficiently.
Notification Message

 Social Awareness

3rd-Party Application Support
This theme should support all applications within the IPS Marketplace, major applications such as the Shoutbox and Pro Menu's have previously been tested and are fully functional. If you discover an application which has conflicts please inform me and I'll look into it further.
License / Copyright
We require  no  copyright notice to remain in the footer, or anywhere on the forum. We only ask that you simply credit us if anyone requests information about the theme. All back-end coding is branded using our typical classes for css and theme settings, this will not change.
Multiple screenshots can be seen on the file page itself or a live demo here . This theme is just $16 on IPS Marketplace!


Works similar to the guest message but appears to everyone, this is ideal if you wish to inform all your members (and guests) and important updates or changes to your forum - Such as a brand new theme!
The theme supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Vimeo allowing your community to easily find you on all the latest social networks and keep up to date in seconds.
Introducing Editor Themes & Social Icons
Just over a month after launching, IPS Themes is happy to announce the release of two brand new additions to our existing product range. Editor Themes & Social Icons are both now available to download on  ipsthemes.com  and the  IPS Marketplace .


Editor Themes
Editor Themes is a tiny and lightweight (12kb) hook that completely re-styles Invision Power Board's built in CKEditor. This hook utilises the flexibility and efficiency of font icons by delivering all editor icons via a single HTTP request.

Social Icons
Social Icons offers the perfect solution for showcasing your favourite social media websites in six different locations throughout IP.Board. This hook also utilises the flexibility of font icons by allowing full control over  size ,  colour  and  positioning  using simple cross browser CSS.

  http://i.imgur.com/OmiYJY5.png http://i.imgur.com/lp8gzXh.png   http://i.imgur.com/gY38i4p.png   http://i.imgur.com/TZkYJ4w.png]

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Please private message me or post in the official support topic if you have any queries.

View IPS Themes
Many existing users of Classifieds have commented how the currently included advert types are too limiting and how additional types such as "For Rent", "Employment Offered" etc. should be added.

Continuing the trend of acting on customer feedback I'm pleased to announce Classifieds 1.2 will feature fully customisable advert types. The image below shows how this looks in practice when viewing a category.

As you can see each type can have it's own customisable badge with admin defined text and colour. Not only that, admins can define specific text to display for each type when users enter a zero value. For example, with the "for sale" type you may wish to display "Free" or for "employment offered" you may wish to show "Salary Negotiable".

It is also still possible to filter the results by advert type to include any custom additions. Only those types with a matching advert in the results will show so as not to clutter up the dropdown menu.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will also notice in this screenshot, an additional feature coming to version 1.2... featured ads. More on this in another blog entry.

Finally advert types can now be restricted by category. For example, If you don't want employment adverts shown in a motoring category simply deselect that advert type when adding/editing the category.

Keep an eye on the Marketplace Blog over the coming days for more info of the forthcoming features to be introduced with Classifieds 1.2. I'm confident you will be pleased with the results of the latest development cycle and look forward to sharing more of what's to come.


Demo | Marketplace download
The never ending (and regularly updated) feature list... [*]Style your slider with a selection of web safe fonts.  [*]Built in colour picker allows you to customise your slider on the fly. [*]Style the Topic title: colour, font size, and alignment.  [*]Style the Description: colour, font size, and alignment. [*]Style the Caption which holds your content. [*]Style anything to do with the slider. [*]Position the Slider across your global template, board index or Index sidebar. [*]Select Member groups that will have permission to view the Slider. [*]Select Forums to which the Slider will retrieve your Topics. [*]Effects, from totally random to box effects.  [*]Auto advance, change Slide Pausing, and timings. [*]Edit slide Topic titles and Descriptions. Their length, and whether they should display. [*]Post count on slides - perfect to show the popular topics.  [*]Enable Read More, Topic Ratings, Pinned, Views and Best Answer Topics. [*]Set a View count in which you are able to create a Topic Featured badge. [*]Languages are editable - allowing you to change everything you see. E.g, 'Featured' 'Views' 'Read More' etc. [*]Control the Image Height, Width. [*]Control the Caption Height. [*]Control the Slider wrapper width. [*]IP Content Block included to use across your IP Content Site. [*]Ability to select number of topics to display.
Don't need a Topic Slider? See  IPC Slider  - Specifically designed for IP Content. 
Have a question or request? Post in the Topic Slider support.

Introducing IPS Themes
IPS Themes provides premium themes and addons for Invision Power Board and IPS Social Suite. With several years of experience under our belt (founded by  Tom Christian ) we're hoping to make an instant impact in the IPS Community.

Themes & addons
We offer a stunning collection of premium  themes  &  addons  including the most popular IPB theme -  Pulse . We don't just offer premium themes & addons though. Check out our growing collection of  freebies .

Support Helpdesk
We've built an entire support section into IPS Themes known as the Helpdesk. The helpdesk includes a growing collection of knowledgebase articles as well as a ticket support section for customers with an active premium support license.

Multiple Payment Gateways
Our products can be purchased with paypal as standard or with secure SSL encrypted Stripe powered credit / debit card checkout.

http://i.imgur.com/lLCxWEU.png http://i.imgur.com/nPQqEpm.png]

We hope that everybody can benefit from the launch of IPS Themes. As a thank you, we have a limited time 20% launch discount code on all products. The code is 'launch20'.

View IPS Themes

Mandrill Bouncer is a fully automated app to handle email bounces and spam complaints. [*] Hard Bounce If a hard bounce is detected, all email to that user will be instantly disabled, they'll see an inline message on every page and a modal form every 24 hours. The modal is designed to take the effort out of clicking links to get to the form and displays it right there, in front of the user. If a login maintenance URL is in use, the form will not be visible, the submit button will redirect to the maintenance URL. [*] Soft Bounce Soft bounces are counted over a number of days, if they exceed 1 bounce a warning message will be shown, if they exceed 4 bounces it will be converted to a 'hard bounce' [*] Spam Spam reports via Mandrill are when a user clicks on 'Spam' in AOL/Gmail/YahooMail etc, this user is immediately unsubscribed from Bulk Mail. - This will be enhanced in future. [*] Reject Mandrill app will learn your existing reject list as emails are sent to them (this won't hurt your reputation), This allows the app to start telling users to update their email address right away.
This app is a zero-configuration app providing your Mandrill API Key setting is present. - See included PDF.
Requirements [*]You must use Mandrill Email Service [*]CURL [*]Ability to communicate with mandrill.com
$30 Exclusively on IPS Marketplace
If you find any bugs in this product, please report them to our bug tracker .

If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area . You must supply your IPS Community email address.

I would like to announce a great opportunity to get one or more of my most popular modifications. You can even save 50%! Just check them:
(DP34) Referrals System 15$ -> 10$
(DP34) Advanced Adverts 30$ -> 20$
(DP34) Adverts in Topic 20$ -> 10$
(DP34) Global Sidebars 20$ -> 15$
(DP34) Automatic Topics List 15$ -> 10$
(DP33) Copy Topics 15$ -> 10$
(DP34) Account Switch 15$ -> 10$
(DP34) Multilang System 20$ -> 15$
(DP34) Denial of Service  20$ -> 15$
(DP34) Advanced Thumbnails 15$ -> 10$
I'm here for you, this is my long term mission. I never quit and leave you without any help.
I've not abandoned any of my mods at all. I know that a few of my mods need a little more love, but I'm doing what I can best to offer you a good product and great support.
Best of luck and Happy New Year!
Drive quality traffic to your website
A company specialized in developing applications, addons and plugins for Invision Power Board through the utilization of our extensive knowledge of the IPB framework. We adhere to IPS standards of coding and produce native-grade products. The company also works on customized applications requested by our clients.

What is IPB twitterer?
IPB twitterer is an innovative application that integrate Twitter services into Invision Power Board and its official applications.
It publishes contents from IP.Board to Twitter, and drives quality traffic and registrations to your forum. It's undeniable that people who click links in your tweets are surely interested in what you say.
With IPB twitterer, you can control what forums are going to publish their topics to Twitter automatically, and it does virtually real-time publishing.
IPB twitterer saves your resources, so instead of depending on third-party services that keep pulling your RSS feed, to determine whether there is new content to be published or not, IPB twitterer is a tool that operates as an application within your IP.Board under your full control, and it's faster than the other remote services.
IPB twitterer makes it easy for your members to interact with your tweets under topics, it also enables you to use unified short URL that can be tracked in bit.ly.

Features from Old Versions [*]From forums you choose, it posts topics to Twitter immediately after they are posted on the forums. [*]You can either show the topic title alone in the tweet, or add an excerpt from the topic content to it. [*]All tweeted topics have the tweet under their posts, so your members can interact with them. [*]Optionally, you can define a prefix and a suffix to be added to the tweets. This is usually used to add hashtags to your tweets. [*]It shows a link to your official Twitter account in the primary navigation bar.
[*]Excellent integration with bitly.com to shorten links before posting them to Twitter. Also, you can take advantage of the Custom Short Domain feature of bitly, to brand your own short links. For example, we use iplg.in to shorten links from ipbplug.in. [*]Rewritten from the ground up to introduce better integration between IPS products and Twitter. [*]In addition to its ability to post updates from IP.Board to Twitter , IPB twitterer is integrated now with IP.Blog, IP.Downloads, IP.Gallery and IP.Content. [*]Integrating Twitter Cards : IPB supports Twitter Cards now for IP.Board, IP.Blog, IP.Downloads, IP.Gallery and IP.Content. [*]Ability to embed Vine Videos everywhere using the new [ vine ] bbcode tag. [*]Ability to embed tweets everywhere using the new [ tweet ] bbcode tag. [*]Change the old TweetBox to include an embedded tweet under the content, where readers can reply to, favourite or retweet the tweet.
IPB twitterer is capable now of tweeting on your behalf whenever content is posted at your website. This works for the applications as the following: [*] IP.Board : You can define in AdminCP the forums from which topics will be posted to Twitter. [*] IP.Blog : Whenever a new blog post is added to a public blog, it will be posted to Twitter. [*] IP.Content : IPB twitterer is integrated as a block , so you need to add a block to your article template, you can use {parse block="ipb_twitterer"}. Published content will be posted to Twitter. [*] IP.Downloads : Open files will be posted to Twitter. [*] IP.Gallery : New & public galleries will be posted to Twitter.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards help you richly represent your content within Tweets across the web and on mobile devices. This gives users greater context and insight into the URLs shared on Twitter, which in turn allows Twitter to send more engaged traffic to your site or app.

Twitter Cards: [*]Give you control of how your content is displayed with Tweets. [*]Drive traffic to your site. [*]Increase the number of people following your Twitter accounts through content attribution. [*] IP.Board : Uses Summary Card. Shows in topics. [*] IP.Blog : Uses Summary Card. Shows in Blog posts. [*] IP.Content : Uses Summary Card. Shows in Articles and other database records. [*] IP.Downloads : Uses Summary Card. Shows in files. [*] IP.Gallery : Uses Gallery Card. Shows in Galleries.

Twitter Cards dont work immediately, because Twitter requires validation and approval before it shows your Twitter Cards. I have gone through the process and its very easy. [*]Upgrade to or install IPB twitterer 2.0. [*]Prepare one link of your topics or articles, as Twitter requires one URL to test and validate. [*]Go to the validator page: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/validation/validator and choose the Summary from the catalog. If you have IP.Gallery, you need to repeat the whole process and apply once more for approval to enable Gallery Twitter Cards for your website. [*]Click the Validate & Apply tab. [*]Paste the link you have prepared in the validation textbox and click Go!. [*]Twitter will fetch your page and if its valid, it will show you how your Twitter Card looks like. [*]Finally, you can click the button to apply to twitter. [*]You will see the following form, you have to fill it and click Request Approval.
[*]Twitter says it will take long before they get back to you, but in my test it took only few seconds to receive the following email.

Embedding Vine Videos

Vine is a mobile app owned by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short video clips. The service was introduced with a maximum clip length of six seconds and can be shared or embedded on social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook.
IPB twitterer makes it easy to embed Vine videos in your website by introducing a new bbcode [ vine ] , and it can be used like this:

Embed Tweets
Embedded Tweets make it possible for you take any Tweet and embed it directly in to the content of your article or website. Tweets display with expanded media like photos, videos, and article summaries, and also include real-time retweet and favourite counts. When embedded, Tweets are interactive and enable your readers to follow the Tweet author, and reply, retweet, favourite all directly from the page.
IPB twitterer makes it easy to embed tweets in your website by introducing a new bbcode [ tweet ] , and it can be used like this:

Embedded tweets are cached, so there is no need to query them every time from Twitter, and they appear inline without using iframes, thats good enrichment for your content (SEO-wise).

The Editor
Like most official bbcodes, both previous bbcodes add buttons to the editor:

Upgrading to IPB twitterer 2.0
If you have IPB twitterer 1.2.2 already installed, then you can upgrade easily like you do for any other application (Upload all files through FTP, then run the upgrading script). There is no need for re-authorization.

Configuring IPB twitterer 2.0
At this stage, we assume that you have already installed the application like you do with any other application. Configuring this app requires two main steps. Since it interacts with Twitter, it requires us to create whats called an Application in Twitter terminology. Then we have to authorize this application to post to Twitter on our behalf.

Creating Twitter Application [*]Sign in with your Twitter credentials to https://dev.twitter.com [*]Access your list of applications https://dev.twitter.com/apps [*]Click Create a new application button. [*]You wonder how you should fill the form. Go to AdminCP → Other Apps → IPB twitterer. You will see a page of the recommended values for your setup. Just copy and paste them to the form, then agree to the Developer Rules Of The Road.
[*]After you save. Go to the Settings tab of the Twitter application youve just created and edit the settings. You can get the recommended settings from the previous page as well. We emphasize the importance of the Access setting, set it to Read and Write because the default one is Read only which is not sufficient for our task here. Then click Update this Twitter application's settings.

Authorizing Twitter Application

From the Details tab of your Twitter application, copy two important settings we will need at this stage: "Consumer key" and "Consumer secret".

Go to Admin CP → System Settings → IPBPlug.in → IPB twitterer Options and paste the values in the appropariate fields, then save.

Now that you have saved the consumer key and consumer secret, you can start the authorization process.
Please go to your community, at the Admin Bar, you will see a new red link called Authorize IPB twitterer.

Click this link, and you will be directed to Twitter.com and asked to authorizae the application youve created at Twitter a couple of minutes ago to post on your behalf.

After you authorize the application, you will be directed back to your forums, and IPB twitterer will try to post a test tweet to confirm that it got the right authorization, otherwise it will show an error message explaining what has gone wrong.

Now go to settings and make sure you set everything to customize how IPB twitterer works.

Configure IP.Content (Recommended if you have IP.Content installed)

Due to the way IP.Content templates work, we couldnt insert the HTML using a Template Hook, thats why we decided to use a Block to address this problem. The only downside, is that it needs to be done manually for each database for which you want to enable this, but its fairly easy. Lets do it on the default Article View template: [*]Go to Admin Cp → Other Apps → Content → Templates → Article Templates. [*]Then open Article View. [*]Find: <div class='ipsPad'> [*]Add before: {parse block="ipb_twitterer"} [*]And you are good to go.

Configuring Bit.ly (Optional & Recommended)
You can configure bit.ly so IPB twitterer can make use of its service and shorten all links before posting them to Twitter. You need to visit the Bitly API Key Page

Copy the values from the API Key Page to the related fields in the settings:

For Custom Short Domain feature, please refer to the related documentation at bitly.com as we cannot offer support on how to enable it. Once you enable it at bitly.com, it will work automatically on your website, giving that you configured the settings appropriately.

Professional Installation Service (US $8)

If you want us to install this application for you, you can use our professional installation service. We install the application within up to 48 hours (we will make our best to install this as soon as possible. Im saying 48 hours, just in case) after you make a payment of US $8 to our PayPal account and provide (FTP access, Twitter credentials, Bit.ly API Key and AdminCP access at your forums). Also We can perform the installation process using TeamViewer if you want. Please contact me personally to arrange this:

Minimum Supported Versions [*]IP.Board v3.4.6 [*]IP.Blog v2.6.3 [*]IP.Downloads v2.5.4 [*]IP.Content v2.3.6 [*]IP.Gallery v5.0.5

We are reinstating the old price of US $20 for new licenses, we believe that the product deserves more than ever to be priced at US $20 or more. Renewal price has not changed, and its kept at US $9 for 6-months term.

The Future of IPB twitterer

Through its history, IPB twitterer sold more than 100 licenses at IPS Marketplace and IPBPlug.in, and we expect another 100 new license to be sold following the release of this upgrade. As a client, your engagement is very important to improve this product. You can follow us on Twitter @IPBplugin or Linkedin , drop us an email at: ipbplugin@ipbplug.in or feel free to post at our forums: https://ipbplug.in/

Dont forget to check our other products, including Two-step Authentication for IPB .
IPB twitterer 2.0

Whats new in IPB twitterer 2.0?

Posting New Content to Twitter

Content will be posted to Twitter when they are visited by their creator within an hour of the time of publishing. This time limit is important to prevent posting old content to Twitter when they are visited by their creators.

The above image shows an album posted on Twitter, and the tweets is showed as an embedded tweet in the right column, where users can favourite, retweet or reply to it.

IPB twitterer utilizes this functionality and enables your content to be represented in such an insightful way, that will bring more interested users to your website for sure. There are several types of Twitter Cards, from which the Summary Card makes sense to represent content of all IPS products except IP.Gallery which uses Gallery Card.

You can check a live example from IPBPlug.in Twitter Account:

[vine]https://vine.co/v/hEUKzwzHUbr[/vine] and it looks like this:
[tweet]https://twitter.com/BarackObama/statuses/266031293945503744[/tweet] then it looks like this:

If you have customized Article View template, you may take advantage of the Professional Installation Service (mentioned below), and we will take care of it for you.