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Fusion Menu On Sale for 10% Off

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In celebration of the end of another great year, Fusion Menu is on sale at 10% off for this week only! To take advantage of this offer, just visit the Fusion Menu page on the IPS Marketplace, and click "Purchase". No coupon is necessary.

In addition, our intention is that an open beta of Fusion Menu 1.5 will be made available early in the new year, with the following enhancements:

  • Application Controlled Menus - a new feature allowing application extensions to automatically populate menus with links to content within that application (we'll be shipping extensions for the IPS applications at launch or shortly after).
  • Touch Browser Support - more robust support for browsers such as the Apple iPhone and Windows Phone 7, which do not have the ability to "hover" over a link.
  • Annihilate Primary Navigation - sometimes, you don't want primary navigation at all when the header menu is enabled. This option will allow you to remove it utterly, getting back that little bit of space.
  • Import/Export Support - for those who run multiple setups, you may want the ability to export your menu setup and install it on another forum. This feature will enable this.

We're continuing to look into submenu support, and hope to offer this shortly.
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I'm looking forward to the new version. Sounds great. Please make an blog post when it's ready :thumbsup:

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