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Prototype-Powered IPContent HoverArticles and HoverFeeds Available!

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Prototype-Powered IPContent HoverArticles and HoverFeeds 1.2 Are Available Now for Purchase In Marketplace.
Custom Teaser Field Approved! :thumbsup:

IPContent HoverFeed Blocks

Hovering over a simple link in your RSS/IPB/IPC feed blocks will produce a tool-tip with more detailed information about the contents, producing an interactive feel while providing more content without clutter.

I noticed while many IPContent-powered websites use feed blocks, many times the information present on these is scant, and if more than a link is present can become a layout nightmare.

This presents a tidy solution for sites wanting more content available for viewing from their feeds, while still keeping the initial contents minimalistic.

Demo: Right Sidebar

IPContent HoverArticles Template Sets
Minimalistic FrontPage, Category FrontPage, and Archives View Templates packed with features, including utilization of native skin styles, detailed tool-tip information upon link hover, and the unique ability to sidestep bbcode messes throughout(We ALL hate a page of BOLD <_< ).

Demo: FrontPage Template

Demo: Archives Template

Purchase Links:

HoverFeed Blocks
HoverArticle Templates

The script utilized is lightweight, error-free and the CSS markup is minimal. :wub:
The script utilizes the IPB internal Prototype Javascript library, so no need to hassle with jquery noconflict statements, or include another Javascript library. :cool:
Compatible/tested/functional on all modern browsers and Internet Explorer 7+ :o
Degrades gracefully when user has Javascript disabled(no floating windows/hovers).

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Very nice. This will be very useful for us i the future. Will buy as soon as our IPC is ready.

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Just a little note to tell people these can be used on blocks/templates not using the board wrapper as well.

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Yes, as long as you have prototype and some css loaded these function, board-wrapper or not. :thumbsup:

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