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Velvet 2.2.0, Blood, Brave, Source, Underground & Warrior 2.2.1 Released

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We are glad to announce that the new version of Velvet (as part of our current batch update) has been released. This new version is very similar, design-wise, to the old Velvet, however just like all our updated skins, it is now fully compatible with our framework and of course with all updated IPS applications (Blogs, Gallery, Downloads, Chat, Nexus, Content, Shoutbox, Tracker). The skin now uses our style picker, that means you do not have to install 3 different skins in order to have the color variations anymore. Velvet ships with the blue, green and red versions by default.

It is our pleasure to announce that Blood, Brave, Source, Underground and Warrior have also been updated to use an updated version of our framework. This release also fixes a lot of bugs in Internet Explorer.

Current customers can download the skins in their download box.

You can see the skins live here.

We hope you will enjoy this update. We'll keep them coming.

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