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Rss Management 1.0.5

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The RSS Management Application has been updated with al new feature and some important bug fixes.
Notable Changes:

[*]2.3.2 Content Tags class compliance. [*]SQL Strict mode issue on card cache insert(replace... enough said, worthless) fixed. [*]Content Feed Block Added: XML Feed:

Content Types:ATOM or RSS The IPB RSS Library is not used here, all items data retrieved from the feed within the Limit Configuration will be available. Standard title/content/date/url Keys Provided Force Encoding conversion of the incoming source data from any valid encoding available in into the Native IPB IPS_DOC_CHAR_SET constant.IPSText::convertCharsets

herehere I am quite Pleased to announce 3, as you can imagine :) . This is a paid Application and can be purchased from the IPS Marketplace . You can find other applications, IP.Content Modifications, and hooks by me .
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