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Previous Versions

  • 28 May 2012 Download (e33) ibEconomy Points System 2.1.1
  • 17 Apr 2012 Download (e32) ibEconomy Points System 2.1.0
  • 09 Jan 2012 Download (e32) ibEconomy Points System 2.0.8

Download (e34) ibEconomy Points System 2.2.0

* * * * * 73 Votes

Complete Points, Shop, Investment, Lottery System

Version 2.2.0

This version REQUIRES IPB 3.4. For 3.3, use 2.1.1, For 3.2, use 2.0.8. For earlier please use ibEconomy 1.5.1.
* Please Note: This file may not be compatible with php5.4.x *

Features: (any of which can be disabled)
  • Shop Items (~30 items so far... I'm open to suggestions for new ones)
  • Shopping cart and checkout system
  • Points Per Topic/Reply/Reply-in-own-topic
  • Points Per Rep (negative/positive receiver/giver)
  • Banks (savings/checking)
  • Numbers Based Lottery system
  • Stocks (based on actual things like member posting/registrations or random)
  • Credit-Cards
  • Long-Term Investments (IRA, 401K, etc)
  • Custom Sidebar Blocks (richest members, stock ticker, etc)
  • Point loans
  • Welfare system
  • Donations system
  • Send Item to Other Members
  • Transactions/logs
  • Personalized public settings page per member
  • Global ibEconomy announcement
  • ibEconomy profile page per member
Hooks/Other features:
  • Plug-In System!
  • Duplicate app's sidebar blocks on board index
  • Display member's point total, clickable to view stats and donate (from topics and PMs)
  • Profile point total
  • Donate from topics/PMs DIRECTLY via popup balloon
  • Profile donate link
  • EVERYTHING can be turned off (well... anything that makes sense to turn off)
  • Drag and Drop sorting (EVERYWHERE)
  • View/Buy/Trade/etc permissions via built-in IPB permission masks
  • Name "points" anything you want, everywhere
  • Also can integrate with any other points system (if yours isn't list, let me know and I'll add it)
  • Group MAX perms for most everything
  • One-Click Purchase (with setting to enable/disable/show-only)
  • Setting to disable the use of decimals and cents, for the more "simple" ibEconomy install (with round-up/round-down/nearest setting)
  • Show points/donate button on post view either in bottom of post sidebar or as button which sits flush with the other post buttons for pretty integration
  • Custom images per item
  • Edit member points directly from their board profile (with accompanying group setting)
  • Profile Tab to display recent purchases and recent non-purchase transactions
Shop Items: (29 total, but most can be used in different fashions so really many more use cases)
  • Add Color Topic Title (Integration with (SOS31) Topic Title Colored)
  • Increase/decrease own/other's post count
  • Increase/decrease own/other's reputation points
  • Award Item (Integration with (inv) Awards as of 2.0.6!)
  • Ban self/others
  • Blank item (can't be sold or used, great for just showing things off, or awards/achievements/interests/etc)
  • Change own/other's avatar
  • Change own/other's skin
  • Change own/other's group
  • Change own/other's display name
  • Change own/other's signature
  • Change own/other's status
  • Change own/other's title
  • Close own/other's topic
  • Open own/other's topic
  • Password to forum
  • Pin own/other's topic
  • Promote to VIP (Integration with (SOS) VIP Members)
  • Random points to self/others
  • Random shop item to self/other
  • Scratch-Off
  • Secret Message
  • Send PM to ID (new to 2.0, great for selling things or any transaction in which you want the user to buy something, then send you a message about it, for instance with their shipping address)
  • Steal points
  • Steal reputation points
  • Unban other
  • Unpin own/other's topic
  • Upload Emoticon

What's New in Version 2.2.0 (See full changelog)

  • Fixed bug in point button hook (Thx Michael!)
  • Fixed ibEconomy sidebar blocks to work with latest IPB post editor
  • Fixed some bugs with Long-Terms
  • Spelling


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Big respect for taking the time to make this awesome app,thank you
    • (e) Eric, Juan Manuel at EGA Futura, fashelnet and 2 others like this
Best thing maid for IPB!! :D
    • (e) Eric likes this
One of the most comprehensive applications for IPB. Clean, well-supported and well designed
    • (e) Eric likes this
This is one of the most comprehensive, useful applications released on Invision Power Board. The functionality for the feature is clean, well presented, and a true attribute to any community.

EMoney does fantastic work in supporting the project and I wish him the best of luck for the future of ibEconomy.
    • (e) Eric likes this
Words cannot recommend this add-on highly enough. It's an excellent system and I absolutely 110% recommend it!
    • (e) Eric likes this
any chance to include ibProArcade into the points system??
    • GreatJackal and Guney like this
I would recommend you request the developers of that app to include points and to use point field settings so that you can use the ibEconomy points system. It would be easier for that, then for me to build it all from the ground up on my side (if in fact it has the proper hook points in the first place).
This has got the to be without a doubt one of the best free Invision Power Board applications ever to be released by someone who isn't a part of the IPS Staff. Thank you for making this free, its a perfect system to replace the old 1.3 feeling of the lost shop that i thought i would never have again. :D
    • (e) Eric likes this
Great app ! whether it is possible to make the integration with (inv) Avards because it is actively developing
Makus, done! (as of 2.0.6)

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