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Previous Versions

  • 05 Jul 2010 Download (Wolfie) CSEO redirect to IPB3 tool v31104
  • 02 Jul 2010 Download (Wolfie) CSEO redirect to IPB3 tool v31103

Download (Wolfie) CSEO redirect to IPB3 tool v31105

- - - - -

This requires that you have some sort of .htaccess knowledge and that you are currently using .htaccess

Rather simple. Upload the 'wolfurl.php' file into the same folder as 'conf_global.php' and configure the .htaccess file as follows:

* Use the .htaccess code as generated from within the ACP for using friendly URL's
* IMMEDIATELY after the RewriteBase line and before anything else, include the following two lines:
RewriteCond	%{REQUEST_URI} ^/boardpath/(.*-([a-z]+|b[0-9]+-entry)[0-9]+|forums?|blogs?|downloads?|gallery)\.html

	RewriteRule	. /boardpath/wolfurl.php [L]
(Be sure to replace "/boardpath/" with whatever your rewrite base is set to. Example, if it's set to "/forums/" then use that instead of "/boardpath/".)
* Test to make sure it works.

As a recommendation, in the ACP, Settings, Search Engine Optimization, use the following settings:
* Redirect to new friendly URL format? YES
* Incorrect Permalink Handling Redirect to the correct link with a "301" header

Advanced usage
If you are redirecting from another folder/site, the wolfURL.php file is already set up to handle this without making any edits, you just need to tweak the .htaccess rewriterule to do it.
RewriteRule . /path/to/wolfurl.php?redirect=/path/ [L]
RewriteRule . /path/to/wolfurl.php?redirect=http://newdomain.com/path/ [L]

* Fixed an issue with the download URL's
* Added support for blog entries and (I hope) individual blogs
* Added portal.html to redirect to app=portal
* Updated regex (the 31104 version was causing issues)
* Changed <#NUM#> to <#VALx#> references to make it easier to expand
* Better checking for use of templates

* Attempting to convert to friendly URL's (not a great attempt though, please read the readme file)
* Support added for downloads-cat, blogs, file#, etc.
* Fixed 'gallery-cat' URL.

* Updated to handle gallery cat/image URL's

* Updated to handle URL's for files.
* Redirects using 301 (permanently moved) to help with search engines

v31101 Initial release.

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