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request join group apply application

Are you looking for staff? Developers? Designers? Or anybody else?
This application was made for you!

Applications System is the ultimate app for group management! Let your members apply and earn their place!
They can also enter a group without applying, if you want!
Watch the images and read this description to learn more.
Groups. Do you have any group named 'moderators'? Just select that group and start customizing it: Applications systems lets you decide when your members will be able to apply for that group and the deadline for them.
You can decide whether to enable comments, automatic promotions when an application is accepted, posting settings, group images and much more.

Requirements. Of course you don't want ALL your members to apply, do you? You want the best, experienced, most creative out there.
Applications system lets you filter members who can apply. You can set age, minimum posts number, maximum warning level tolerated, time spent on your board and more. No more newbies at your door, if you don't want them.

Questions. For each group selected, you can also choose questions or create brand new ones.
Questions will help you decide whether accepting an user or not, by reading their reply.
Looking for reporters? Make them write a short article to test their writing skills. Looking for translators? Make them select languages they know!

Statuses. Every application will go through some statuses. You can decide the default status applications will have when they are submitted.
The app comes with four default statuses - In pending, Refused, Accepted, Invalid - but you can create as many as you want depending on your boards needs.
Do you have an online gaming community? Create the "Sent to a Sergeant" to let members know that a "Super Moderator" is deciding if accepting them or not!

Moderators. It can be quite impossible to manage all applications, that's why you can choose someone to help you.
You can customize their powers, like what statuses they can manage and which ones they can set.
You might want those one who you trust more to be able to accept applications and let the other ones to check appliers data before sending the application to them.

Much more!
Do you have suggestions and feature requests? Please post them in the Support Topic, so other members who also want that new feature can like your post. The more the likes, the more priority I'll give to it. 
Thank You.

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • FIXED - Fixed a bug that didn't filter applications by statuses


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Divine Forces
Aug 23 2011 10:02 AM
Very clever concept, however I think that this needs touching-up design / aesthetics-wise. There are too many spelling mistakes and too many inconsistencies (from what I can see in the pictures) as well as many areas looking unformatted. (A lot of the settings pages with mis-matched formatting, a lot of capitals where there shouldn't be, and a lot missing where there should be)

Once these are touched up to made look better, I'll definitely be purchasing this as it's a great idea. Hopefully you get them addressed soon :D
    • XiuzSu, IPBaddons, - Noisy - and 3 others like this
Purchased the application and it, as stated above, is a stunning concept but it does feel like it is in beta stages. It does not feel totally ready to use on a live community but with a few cosmetic changes, a language revamp and looking at some features it will be perfect
I agree with both of you about the language pack, I already promised to make it better on next update.
But I don't agree when you say that it looks like it is in beta stages and not ready for being installed on a live community, every other customer that bought it said that it is working fine and looking nice, no need for changes.

But I can't afford having unsatisfied customers, so I already planned to change something again on next update.
Bye and thank you for your purchase.
    • - Noisy - and BomAle like this
Exactly what I needed. How do I remove a requirement. i.e. I do not require birthday on signup so I want to remove the Age field altogether.

    • DevRegan likes this
If possible, a suggested addition would be adding a feature to upload images and attachments to applications. Great mod!
    • DevRegan likes this
Will there be an upgrade for 3.3 users?
    • DevRegan likes this
This would be cool to integrate with Social Groups
    • DevRegan likes this
Has this been updated for 3.3 yet so I may purchase?
    • DevRegan likes this
It is being updated for the 3.3.3. You may refer to the application topic for any update. :)
Also, I'd like to tell you not to consider the first three comments as they refer to the first version of the application, in this new version everything has been updated and redesigned following users suggestions.
    • Justin Bowman, Sokii and Paul Fischer like this

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