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  • 27 Sep 2012 Download RSS Management Application 1.0.8

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This Is A Fully-Featured RSS Management Application offering both Complete RSS Front-end Management And Enhanced Import Functionality.
Upon Installation, This Application will replace the RSS menu at the footer of the Board with a Link to this Applications Default Landing, which Is a Clean Listing with HoverCard functionality for the Default RSS Output Cache.
ATOM Feed Compatibility:
This Application Directly extends classRss via hook, allowing *stock* RSS Imports throughout IPB to parse ATOM Feeds!
RSS Groups:
Control Who May See Feeds In This Application At a Granular Level Via Permissions Masks By Feed "Group".
Provide a Helpful Title and Fully Parsed(BBCode/HTML) Description For Your Users For Each Feed "Group".
Feed Groups Collapse and Expand with Similar Functionality to the Board Index Categories and are saved via cookie for the viewers preference.
Disable or Enable Individual Feeds From Being Shown In The Frontend, Add Custom RSS Feed URLs to be Shown, and Edit The Title Shown For Each Feed.
Conversion Utility:
Convert Local Application Feeds From The Output Cache For use with "Groups" As Enhanced RSS Management Feeds.
Mass-Conversion, check-and-go, with the ability change titles and URLs after within the converted feeds.
Ajaxed Feed Item Listings:
Includes HoverCard Feed Item Preview Functionality, bringing a Cleaner, more modern look and function To Your RSS Feed Display, Both Frontend And Back.
In-Site viewing Experience:
While still available with a further click, the Viewing of a feed is no longer directly controlled by browser experience. Show Feed Results in the Skin of your Forums, including the Mobile skin.
Mobile Skin Support:
This Application Has Been Fully Templated For Mobile Skin Use, to allow a Clean And Useful Listing for Mobile Users.
Import Capabilities:
Includes the ability to Import RSS Feed items To A Topic as posts, Defining a Picture For The Topic Opening Post, as well as Prefixing each Post With the Source Item Title, and Pinning The Topic.
Owners Of IP.Content Will Find an Additional Area Open to their use, Importing RSS Feed Items To Content Database Records, and defining the Category, a Single-file Upload Field and Picture to be used for the Field Value URL for Each Imported Feed item per Feed.
Additionally, Full Control of the values For imported "records" Fields are Fully supported including dynamic replacement of the Item url, Database, and category(if used) information.
An XML Feed Block Is Available to allow full data retrieval for IP.Content Owners from ATOM, RSS, and Event List XML Feeds.
Owners of Michael McCunes Tutorials Application Will Find a section Devoted to Importing RSS Feed items As Tutorials, with definable tags, picture prefix, and Title Prefix/truncation Options.
Resource Friendly:
Uses Separate Caching For Both Import, and Frontend Display, and ONLY Active Feeds are Validated or stored in this cache store.
All HoverCards are cached by URL for 30 minutes at a time, to reduce the overhead of usage further, the same URL requested within this period will be served a cached feed result.
View a Customized Landing
View a Feed "View"
View a Topic Import
View an Articles Import

What's New in Version 1.0.9 (See full changelog)

  • Globally fixed Feedburner Reading: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/358350-download-rss-management-application/page__st__120#entry2315851
  • Content Fields {time_now} added to allow overriding the source feed timestamp.
  • Branding removal.


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So this is what you been working on. Nice one man!
    • Marcher Technologies likes this
I am very happy about this module, it enables us to to manage and to present our 100+ RSS channels in a very pleasant and practical way. Many thanks!
    • Marcher Technologies and mark2012 like this
Thanks! RSS Import to a database is the feature I've been waiting for a long time.
Mar 20 2012 02:39 PM
Following and probably purchasing after I impliment 3.3.1
Eric Allione
Sep 14 2012 12:18 AM
This is working well on 3.3.4. For those who already have this, note that there was an important update today for resolvingduplicate entries in the feed.
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Still looking for a way to make a new Topic (instead of reply) for each thing that's imported. Is it possible?

Marcher Technologies
Feb 17 2013 02:55 PM

Still looking for a way to make a new Topic (instead of reply) for each thing that's imported. Is it possible?

yes, just use the stock IPB RSS import... it will import ATOM feeds with this installed.

denis faucher
Jun 25 2013 09:10 PM

Man I like your stuff ...just what I was looking for! 

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