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  • 27 Sep 2012 Download (MT33)IP.Content Blocks Feed Block Widget Kit

Buy Now Widget Kit 1.0.6

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content block tabs

This is A Lightweight IP.Content Block Feed Source of Blocks with premade ajax Handlers to allow Ajax use of any block, and easy rearranging through the ACP ordering per Block Used, or in other desired orders.
The Provided Ajax Templates are Exponentially lower in Execution Times and Query Counts on Page Load with more blocks on the page than the direct parsing the Feed's "stock" Template provides, and are templated to match the IP.Board skin Styles, while still granting enough markup to manipulate further by skin, or use a premade jQuery tabs ui theme.
Included Is a functionality That Creates Hooks From and Clones IP.Content Blocks, allowing precise and complete control of placement of IP.Content blocks in any hook point with little to no effort, and block replication with ease.
This Hook Makes It Easy To Export Content Blocks as Hooks for use anywhere in your IP.Board installation.
Each exported hook hence imported has a selection of system settings, including(at stock) Forums to show in, Member Groups to show to, Applications to parse in, and Skin Sets to parse in(where applicable).
An Entire System Settings Tab Is Present to manage these, grouped by block.
Combined with The Ability To easily Tabify any set of blocks with the feed source/templates, ajax popups and ACP Block Ordering Capabilities This Proves to be the ultimate sidebar Manager Utility as Well.
For New users, this Widget Kit an easy way to add Vertical or Horizontal tabs to any page with a large amount of blocks with impressively little overhead, And to do the Same in any hook point, With 1 sidebar viably fully manageable from one feed block honoring ACP Positioning.
For Advanced users, this provides the ability to Ajax any block, from these blocks as a dynamic ajax feed, without the overhead or extraneous css/js load(as .the "parent" already loads it).
Included is 2 Plugin Blocks!
One that will allow you to select and parse any enabled board index hook, or the *entire* board sidebar as an IPC block with ease.
New The other is 'Top Reputation Earners'.
This unique plugin block will allow you to pull the top reputation earners in your community in a given period, with any valid strtotime option, such as -30 days(the default, thirty days), limit the amount of top reputation earners to show, exclude applications from being counted.
This Plugin Block, Without any doubt, should indeed be cached ruthlessly, *especially* if pulling from many applications, this is a particularly expensive task.
Get your Blocks Feed Block Widget Kit Today.
 2-Step Install/Upgrade! Upload files, import hook, it installs ALL the block templates.

Every Current Purchaser as of the Release of this Modification of the 3.2 Blocks Management Hook, and IP.Content Hookmaker For 3.2, was Generated a Manual Purchase of this file.

What's New in Version 1.0.6 (See full changelog)

  • Added Plugin Block: 'Top Reputation Earners'.
  • Added ability to parse the entire sidebar of hooks in sidebar plugin block.
  • Put *everything* in lang strings, which are again present.
  • Added Downloads Sidebar 'Stock' Hook export point.
  • Cleaned up the settings a bit.... apparently too much, missing, fixed.
  • http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/360543-download-mt34ipcontent-widget-kit/?p=2346855
  • Vetted 3.4 Compatibility.
  • 2-Step Install/Upgrade!!! Upload files, import hook, it installs ALL the block templates.


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This is an amazing add on for IPC. Amazing. This is also imo a MUST for anyone who owns IPC.
    • Marcher Technologies likes this
truly brilliant!
Damn, most of these addons should come as default. So very simple stuff, than Marcher would have time to develop even more awesome stuff :)
This a "must have" app! First time Marcher sets very low price for one of his apps! :)
Very nice. This is one of most important "Tools" i was searching for.
This is a great hook. A must have!
    • Marcher Technologies likes this

Anyone got some working examples of this?


Tried it, but with the default theme and such it didn't impress me. Has anyone used something similar (with ajax) to load front-page articles (1 at a time)?

Jan 10 2013 12:00 AM

damn it marcher! I keep spending my money on you! stop creating such good things please...

    • sobrenome and Curious George like this
Lab Rats Rule
Jul 09 2013 01:51 PM

Just here looking to see if anything interesting changed. I still love this! Was worth every penny. I can do so much more with my sIte!


Got anything interesting in the works Marcher?

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