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Well well

Well well

... taken on a rainy day, taken much of beer, running on a hill... in short: I felt just like it looks style_emoticons/default/whistling.gif

    You like hard music?

    Just curious... innocent.gif
    Nov 09 2004 06:33 PM
    You remind me of a vampire.
    Kinda have the face of ozzy osbourne.
    Oh no, not here already again - it's not first time that someone sets up the Ozzy comparison. Well well, then I hope my brain is however not just as whiskey-drunken out as the lord of darkness ones grin.gif.

    And according to the picture how can someone deduces that I could like hard music like metal? innocent.gif.
    Right, I do so. ;-)
    Didn't know Marilyn Madson had put on weight that much! grin.gif

    Just kidding, looks ok.
    Wara Neeto Wara Neeto, hey neh, know wah,