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  • IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Beta 2 Available

    By Charles,

    We are happy to release the second beta of IPS Community Suite 4.0!
    IPS welcomes any clients who enjoy testing beta software to participate and post bugs in our  bug tracker . These beta releases help us to provide a more stable final release and the more people who participate in testing the better it is for all.
    This release makes available: Forums Blog Gallery Downloads Calendar This release does  not  contain Commerce (formerly IP.Nexus), Pages (formerly IP.content), or Chat. These three apps will be released soon as a separate download.
    The upgrade system is now available and you can upgrade from IP.Board 3.4.7 to test this system  However:   do not upgrade your live community!  IPS does  not  provide technical support or services for beta releases. You can append "-TESTINSTALL" on to the end of your license key to allow to a separate install for test purposes.
    You can download IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Beta 2 in the  client area . Go to your Purchases section, select your license, and click the download link. IPS Community in the Cloud clients do not yet have access to the beta. That will be coming soon.
    You will be able to upgrade from Beta 2 to Beta 3 when it is released and to all future betas through final release.
    If you are not interested in downloading our beta releases you can still check out our IPS Community Suite 4.0  preview site  to see the new version in action.
    Note: If you are already running Beta 1 you can upgrade in your AdminCP. You will see a notice on your Dashboard.
    We will be upgrading our own site next week. Stay tuned!


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  2. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to highlight my small contributions to the community although I hope they prove useful.

    These are two simple 'blank' images I made expanded out to the correct sizes for the logo (358x64) and meta image (208x70)
    The main reason was for anyone who did not have any software capable of dealing with .psd's as these are just simple .png images that any image editor should be able to cope with. The official GDK .psd will obviously provide a 'nicer' result however I wanted something that was very simple for everyone to be able to use too even if its just for a temporary logo while a 'nicer' one is being created.

    This is a simple package of nine different coloured 'highlight' bbcodes: Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Orange, Red, White, Yellow , these can be very useful for highlighting or drawing attention to a specific area of a post.

    This script allows you to import an InvisionFree database to then be upgraded to the latest IP.Board version. The reason this is required is the database dump usually provided when requested from IF does not include any 'CREATE' statements, it expects an already existent 1.3 database to be there and empty. This file circumvents this 'catch22' by providing the appropriate empty tables for you.
    I've taken a lot of time with the readme with a very detailed 'hand holding' slow step by step approach to ensure that new admins are capable of using it. I should point out official support will be able to assist with an IF 'import' but I wanted this for those who would like to "do it themselves"

    This I created after a support topic I noted quite a while back now, if by some reason all the IDM mime types have been lost you can simply use this to 'restore' them back to default which would be a lot quicker than manually entering them one by one. It does not restore the permissions for them ie "file" or "screenshot" however these are easily and quickly manually edited in as required.

    This is a quick way to restore the default emoticons. You can use the xml provided to replace them back to normal. Note you may have to adjust the /style_emoticon/default directory too. This is provided as the installer on a new installation does not use a normal xml for them, they are inserted via the installer usually hence the need for this file to restore them if required.
    Enjoy. :)