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  • Emojis :: Ultimate Emoticons Pack By sijad

    Emoji are the very popular Emoticons. now you can add support Emoji across all platforms to your community with your favorite Emoji theme.
    Please Check it out Online Demo
    2-Step installationSupport Emoji themesOne-Click change Emoji themeCKEditor live Emoji convert (While user posting)Ability to add favorite Emoji to CKEditor Emoticons menuAuto convert Emoji-Name to EmojiNo need any js file to load EmojiFully HTTPS supportCategorized Emoji set importNo PHP parsingEasy Emoticons Manage Load Emoji Images From localhost as well as default CDN serversTODO List
    Allow users change the themeAdd more Emoji themesAdd Emoji themes copyrightAdd EmojiOne sprite PNG & CSSYou tell meSupport Topic
  • Online Indicator By Farcaster II

    This plugin will show a green circle next to the display name on the topic page, if the author is online.
  • (BD4) Quick Donate By BlistDev

    Using Quick Donate you can easily allow your community to receive donations through Paypal from your visitors through a widget which can be placed in header, footer & sidebar locations.


    Easy to setup.Widget works with both head/footer and sidebar zones.Sandbox mode for testing.Set allowed donation amounts or use custom amounts.Set allowed currencies.Set return URL.Force Paypal to specified localization.Visibility settings.Set text on widget and dialog.Usable on small screens.
    IPS 4.0 Final

    If you have suggestions for Quick Donate, we'd be happy to hear them via the forums:

    The cost of this plugin covers the ongoing support of the product and future development. You can request support via..
    Email: support (at)
  • Social Links By Hulu8004

    This plugin allows you to have a link to your communities social media sites with style right in the footer!

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