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  • Registration Terms & Rules Before Register Screen By Adriano Faria

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    This plugin will display the Registration Terms & Rules of your community before the user goes to the registration screen. User won't be able to create the account while he didn't agree to the terms.
  • Badges By InvisionHQ

    This application will allow admin to setup a badge for any user in topic view with a large customization options.
    Features :  
    [*]Admin can set up Application on/off.
    [*]Admin can set up which groups or which members  have a Badge in topic view.
    [*]Admin can set up which forums show the single badge
    [*]Badge "Link To" feature 
    [*] Custom Style (you can "move" your badge anywhere in the topic view)   
    Staff Badges are tested on default IPB skin (RC1), for custom skin I provide   a full support for free!!!
  • Social Links By Hulu8004

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    This plugin allows you to have a link to your communities social media sites with style right in the footer!
  • (BD4) Shoutcast Radio By BlistDev

    Show off your Shoutcast v1 & v2 Internet Radio station(s) on your community with this widget. The Shoutcast Radio widget only takes a moment to setup and whenever you start streaming music through your Shoutcast server this widget will show that it's online with addition details such as current listeners, song name, genre & stream links.

    Easy to setup. Widget works with both head/footer and sidebar zones. Select which groups can view the block Add multiple radio stations Shows radio details such as current song, current listeners and genre. Easy stream links for iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, QuickTime & Real Player.
    RC5, RC6 Shoutcast v1 & v2 servers.
    If you have suggestions for Shoutcast Radio, we'd be happy to hear them via the forums:

    Full support is provided for this plugin, you can request support via..
    Email: support (at)

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