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  • (Wolf3x) Restricted Reply Function By Wolfie

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    Restricted Reply Function
    This hook will allow you to specify selected forums in which only certain groups may reply to topics others have started. This will in effect 'override' the setting which allows members of a group to reply to others topics but doesn't limit which forums they may reply in. This is extremely useful in forums where it is imperative that a staff or other qualified/certified member is replying to the original poster, keeping out others who may unintentionally cause confusion or other problems.

    Works with both 3.1 and 3.2.

    * Enabled (disable feature without having to disable the hook)
    * Select which forums are affected.
    * Select which 'staff' are exempt - forum moderators, global moderators and/or administrators
    * Optionally select additional groups to exempt and if that group must be the members primary group or not. (Sounds confusing but it provides additional options!)

    The 'ic54' file is for IP.Board 3.4.x and encoded for PHP 5.4.

    blair is using it on Geeks to Go for the Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal forum.
    (Please do not register on that site just to test the hook. If you need to test it, please test it on N*Raged.)

    This hook is ionCube encoded. Please make sure that your hosting server supports ionCube encoded files before purchasing!

    Purchase details:
    * You may install this hook on up to five (5) sites that you own. If you own more than 5 sites or need to install on more than 5 sites, please contact me.
    * Once you have made the purchase, you may use the hook indefinitely. Renewals are strictly for support and product updates. If you choose to not renew, you may continue use the versions you have already downloaded.

    Please click here to read a rough copy of the EULA
  • Notifiy Users When Author Edits the Liked Post By Adriano Faria

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    This hook will send a notification to the user who liked a post if this post has been edited by its author. This hook will work only in  Like System reputation type.
    Based on this suggestion.
  • Automatic Ticket Creator By Aiwa

    • $2.50
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    Do you need to open private communication with your clients after they purchase something from your store?
    With this add-on, you can automatically open the lines of communication by creating a ticket on the purchasing members behalf as soon as they've completed a purchase.  
    The Automatic Reply allows a few keywords, namely the members name and the name of the package they have purchased.  This allows you to tailor the automatic reply for each member.  
    IP.Nexus 1.5.x is required. 
    For support, please  create an account  then  submit a ticket .
  • [IF34] Own Topic Notify By Pete T

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    This hook will add a new notification to the thread starters anytime someone replies to their topics.

    After you install the hook, the notification option can be enabled at Profile->My Settings->Notification Options->Forums->Notify me when there are new replies to my topics and save the changes. Now anytime someone will reply to your topic/s you will receive a new notification letting you know about that fact showing who replied with the link to their posts and at which topic it was made.
    Several screenshots of the hook are included in the download package so it will give you a more detailed idea on how it looks like when being used.

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