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  1. Trekkiemelissa added a comment: Record Viewable   

    This was done on one of my test boards in addition to a live one.

    OS of server is linux.

    if you try to access the friendy url, that is where the problem lies. If you just created the record and have these settings, you get an error. Say you created the record in the admin area and try to access it like normal you can. Non friendly url's you are fine. I found this as I was doing this as a guest and notice that this was coming up.

    I used ie and mozilla and it happened on both.

    No modifications and am using my own theme for the site.
  2. Trekkiemelissa added a record in IP.Content   

    Record Viewable
    Even though I have set the records to be not viewable with the permissions, they still show up viewable.
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  3. Trekkiemelissa added a record in IP.Board   

    Area Moderators
    On one of my forums, I use area moderators. I have assigned multiple areas to some.

    Some of the areas are showing up on the team page as being assigned to them when in reality they are not. I have double check in the admin area.
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    I like :)

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