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  1. Amy T added a post in a topic: We have "profile information" twice   

    That is a good idea. It will also make it less confusing for members. 
  2. Amy T added a post in a topic: Download: ibProArcade Lite v1.0.0 RC2 IPB3.1 FIXED   

    The email address error is because you are using free email accounts which they have disabled. Probably because of spam. You will need to use a non free account. Maybe one that you have with your web site. 
  3. Amy T added a post in a topic: Like Status Updates   

    Ah well it might be good if it was updated. 
    Right now I am working on my own little mod that will turn the status updates into a shoutbox. It used to kind of work like a shoutbox on this site for a while so with the ip.shoutbox being a ruined by the new developer I thought I should use the status updates as a shoutbox. 
  4. Amy T added a post in a topic: Like Status Updates   

    I think when the status updates first came out you could like them but for what ever reason that was removed.
  5. Amy T added a post in a topic: Large increase in successful spam account signups?   

    I have gotten very little to no spam in the past few months. After upgrading to 3.3 the spam pretty much stopped except for the spam that got bad in the reports before I turned that off to guests. I am also not even using the spam protection that is offered in the latest version. 
  6. Amy T added a post in a topic: IP.Board Suggestion: Content Disposition of "Save" in Lightbox   

    that would work too. 
  7. Amy T added a post in a topic: IP.Board Suggestion: Content Disposition of "Save" in Lightbox   

    What about adding another button for getting the url. 
  8. Amy T added a post in a topic: IP.Board Suggestion: Content Disposition of "Save" in Lightbox   

    My members have been asking me why it does what it does. Some have even asked why the save button does not work. So had to explain what to do to get it to save. 
    So yes this would be a good thing and would also make for less annoyed members. 
  9. Amy T added a post in a topic: Disable .com .net .org screen names   

    Here is a screen shot of what it should look like when you are done. Just in case. 
  10. Amy T added a post in a topic: Disable .com .net .org screen names   

    Add *.com, *.net, and *.org to the banned named list. It is under banned filters under the members tab of the admin cp.
  11. Amy T added a post in a topic: Tag suggestion   

    Not how I look at it. It tags could be viewed and edited in the admin cp and a description be added from there it would save time.
    Right now the tags use the search system which works but is not exactly how I want tags to work especially in the ip.content. In the forum and gallery that works fine but not in the ip.content.

    For right now what I will do is create a dictionary page that lists tags and what they mean.
  12. Amy T added a post in a topic: Tag suggestion   

    It would be nice to be able to add a definition to tags. I mean if you click on a tag it would say what the tag means and then have the results. Kind of like the tags on Having the little bobble they have would be nice as well. I know it would be something I would use on my site.
  13. Amy T added a post in a topic: create a FORUM at ROOT (not a category)   

    If I understand correctly you are trying to create a forum that is not in side a category. This is not something IP.board is able to do. However you can create just one category and put all your forums in there.
  14. Amy T added a post in a topic: Icon or button for custom sort?   

    In a recent ticket about the custom sort not even working. I was given the idea of making a button. It was not what I was asking in the support ticket but having a button would be neat. I am just not sure how to do that.

    After the support fixes the custom sort I will be attempting to create the button on my own but if some one knows how to do it that would be great.

  15. Amy T added a post in a topic: 3.1 request. "Favorite Posts"   

    [quote name='Wolfie' timestamp='1347299001' post='2307182']
    If I were capable of it, I'd develop such a hook. I'm rather limited in my abilities though and personally would like it to be a core function that wouldn't apply onto to posts, but other content as well.

    Drawback to that is someone might like a post but not consider it a favorite they want to keep track of. Imagine a cross between 'following' something and 'liking' something, where you want a way to find it easily but not necessarily getting updates about it (following) and without a big list of things you don't want to sort through (liking). Or to put it another way, similar to the 'like' system but filtered so it's only content you want to find again.

    I get what you are saying and I would probably use it more in the ip.content or gallery then any other part of the site.

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  1. Amy T

    Ok so I confused people with out meaning to.

  2. Amy T

    I swear the ips staff have been taken over by ferangi as I renewed the gallery 2 months ago and I have to renew it again. That is so ferangi it is not funny.

  3. Amy T

    Yay I found a bug.

  4. Connor T » Amy T

    I have submitted the updated version to the marketplace. It is pending.

  5. Amy T » Connor T

    Does your signature update automatically?

    1. Amy T

      Oh never mind I found your mod for it. Oh and I like the pickmen game too. It is a lot of fun.

    2. Connor T

      I just noticed it doesn't work in IPB 3.2. It seems they got rid of the XML skin. I guess you have to create your own XML skin now. I'll update this app.

    3. Amy T

      Thank you.

  6. Amy T

    I am so addicted to the x-files tv show.

  7. Amy T

    I am so addicted to the x-files tv show.

  8. Amy T

    I hope my question gets approved as it was a good question.

  9. Amy T

    Yay Netflix is not splitting the company. Very happy day.

  10. Amy T

    Yay Netflix is not splitting the company. Very happy day.

  11. Amy T » Arcanity

    Wow your site sent my antivirus in a tizzy.

  12. Amy T

    Yay it is friday. I also get a 3 day weekend.

  13. Amy T

    It has been a long day and it is not even half over yet.

    1. .Ian

      Gone 7pm :p

    2. Amy T

      Only 1pm here.

    3. .Ian

      'bout time you caught up! ;)

    4. Echelon One

      Nevermind the days will start getting shorter in less than 2 weeks! Say "Hi to Xmas!" lol

    5. Amy T

      I meant long as in not a good day.

  14. Amy T

    I had access to beta 2 but now I lost it.

    1. PSNation


    2. Amy T

      Ya so I replied to Mark's Pm that he originally sent me when I got access.

    3. AlexJ

      I first thought you abused it and hence your access was removed LOL :)

    4. Amy T

      No I got a reply from Mark I was only given access for the gallery 4.1 and they are done getting feed back on that so I lost access.

    5. AlexJ

      dang mark replies to early :( Ruined my little joke hehe

    6. Amy T

      LOL, Nah I did not do any thing, but will admit I thought that was the reason I lost access. I mean not giving feedback. I did try to though just had not had time to test beta 2 yet.

    7. AlexJ

      I just went semi live with beta 2 :)

    8. Amy T

      cool but is that a good idea?

    9. AlexJ

      Indeed. It's a still private but for clan members only at present. :)

    10. Amy T


    11. Breadfan

      Amy, you're a trouble maker. You must have done something reaaaly bad for you to loose the access. Shame on you! (/end sarcasm)

    12. Aisha

      loose the access

  15. Amy T

    For some reason I have the words Pog and mog stuck in my head and I am not sure why.

    1. Amy T

      By the way this was from an anime called Fancy lala I had the 2 dino's names stuck in my head.

  16. Amy T

    I loved the Green Hornet movie but it seemed that Seth Rogen was trying to act like Will Ferrell as I thought Will Ferrell was The Green Hornet at first.

  17. Amy T » Michael

    I added you to my msn

  18. Amy T

    So much for feeling special, they made the beta public and I have not even finished testing the non public beta.

  19. Amy T » Rikki

    what are you doing?

  20. Amy T

    I thought I had a picture of me in my out going emails but can not find it. Oh well.

    1. Rikki


    2. Rikki


    3. Amy T

      what are you testing?

    4. Rikki


    5. Andrej


  21. Amy T

    I keep thinking I am on the preview site.

    1. Andrej

      Same here.

  22. Amy T » AndyF

    No need to be sorry. Mine got to the second page any way so hard to fine.

  23. AndyF » Amy T

    Ah that one, sorry :)

  24. Amy T » AndyF

    The one about comments not posting on the gallery preview.

  25. AndyF » Amy T

    Which one lol ? I've posted about 30 maybe more over the past day :o