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    Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is a unique third-person action adventure game exclusively on the PlayStation 3 that incorporates the mechanics of a shooter and platformer-style gameplay.

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  1. .Matt.

    Arizona FTW.

    1. Iestyn

      I love the apple sign in your display name dude =D

    2. .time

      As do I.

  2. .Matt. » Κeith

    I thought you where apart of the IPS Staff?

  3. Olivier Turbis » .Matt.

    are you still kinda-banned?!

  4. ^^MeX^^ » .Matt.

    UU!!! Whats up? :P

  5. Lewis P » .Matt.

    Sorry if it caused offence, was trying to joke about :)

  6. Olivier Turbis » .Matt.

    you're sooo banned!

  7. .Matt. » .Brian

    Me and you should team up and do something, you know. just me and you. bonding. like the good friends we are :)
    - Matt

  8. .Matt. » .Brian

    Are you still coming over today Brian?

  9. .Matt. » .Brian

    your my best friend BGarcia

  10. .Matt. » Olivier Turbis

    ║ŒliteŠoft Interacti√e║

  11. .Matt. » Olivier Turbis

    ║ŒliteŠoft Interacti√e║

  12. .Matt. » .Brian

    You still coming over tomorrow?

  13. ^^MeX^^ » .Matt.

    lol, i got suspended for sharing my thoughts on the whole skin battle with manha5 and Evanescense.. :p

  14. .Matt. » Olivier Turbis

    Oliver is a dirty girl.
    IPBc FTW!