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  1. tonami added a post in a topic: [Suggesttion] Follow a member (like Twitter)   

    I love Friends function of IPB, and I have a feeling that it's not really a "friendship", someone add you like friend and you just become friends! My first question is there anyway to require an approval when someone add friend as default function?

    I think a function like Follow a member (become a Fan, a follower...) will make IPB much more social, so members can follow any update of people they follow. Also they can see who follow them. And a member when he add someone as friend, if not accepted, he still can follow him/her to see updates.

    What do you think about this function?
  2. tonami added a post in a topic: Live updates from my friends or everyone on a "My home" page   

    It's very nice to have a live update feeds from my friends or everyone on the board like Ning, or Discuz home (a chinese board software)

    Demo: hxxp://

    Thank you