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  1. Artefaqs Corporation added a post in a topic: Subscriptions Manager   

    I installed this plug-in years ago and it was very successful in bringing in revenue for the forum, but after a while people stopped renewing their subscriptions and stopped signing up for new ones.  A user contacted me about this and I found out why -- There is no place for anyone to sign up for a new subscription.

    When someone clicks the "Purchase Subscription" link, it just shows them their current subscription status, but does not have a button allowing them to purchase a new subscription.
    Is this a known bug?  I tried searching through this thread, but couldn't find a similar problem or solution.
    Suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Artefaqs Corporation added a record in IP.Board   

    IP Match Problem
    It is not possible to stayed logged in to the admin panel of the forum software while on a plane.  Every minute or so, the connection is booted with
    [color=rgb(128,0,28)][font='Helvetica Neue'][size=3][b][background=rgb(242,204,212)]Your current IP address does not match the one in our records[/background][/b][/size][/font][/color]
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  3. Artefaqs Corporation added a post in a topic: favicon.ico issue   

    It's an unnecessary nuisance.  Good software works for the users, not the other way around.
  4. Artefaqs Corporation added a post in a topic: CDN node locations   

    Where are the nodes for the Invision CDN?  Or more to my specific needs -- where is your Texas node?
    Also, it's hard to find any information on the CDN in this forum because "CDN" is too short a phrase to search for.  I supposed "IBM" would also be problematic.  

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