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  1. philblair99 added a record in IP.Board   

    Reputation system
    Upgraded to 3.1.1 expecting reputation problems to be fixed. Issue with profile not showing users rep total is fixed, however, in reputation tab, the rep counter on each post is not showing rep totals for each post, even though those posts obviously have rep given to them. Visiting the posts in question directly shows that posts rep total, and it then appears normally in the reputation tab.
    I'm using positive & negative rep system.

    When trying to use ACP Rebuild User Reputation tool, I get this error:
    [b]Warning[/b][color=#4C4C4C]: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [/color][b]/home/airsofti/public_html/forums/admin/applications/core/modules_admin/tools/rebuild.php[/b][color=#4C4C4C] on line [/color][b]2141[/b]

    On a possibly related note, the setting for "Display content points" (Set to yes to display the number of points that a post or other type of content has received) on the Reputation settings page now appears to have no effect. IE, the reputation counter always displayed even when this is set to "no".
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  2. philblair99 added a post in a topic: Suggestion - Pop-up calendar button   

    In the search module, when selecting a date range, there are buttons for pop-up calendars that can be clicked to input the date wanted.
    This sort of pop-up calendar is commonplace on many websites with a booking engine that requires dates such as booking flights or hotels or renting cars.

    Yet when entering a new event on the IPB calendar, there's only the dropdowns for entering the date. Would it be an idea to have a calendar popup too?
    Yes, the 3 dropdowns allow selection of a date pretty quickly, but it's nice to be able to look at a calendar as you often need to know what DAY a date falls on in order to select the correct date for your event. Perhaps the little popup calendar could even have dates which already have an event on them as a different colour or hightlight or underlined or something so that you can see which dates are 'free' for the event you're intending to add?
  3. philblair99 added a comment: No New Album button in Members Gallery   

    I also have my default category set to show individual members and thus faced this problem.

    I'd agree that the new album button needs to either be shown or removed. Having the "cannont create album" button there totally threw me and had me stumped until I worked out how to create my first album. If I'm the admin and was stumped by it, my boards members are sure as hell going to have problems with it too.
  4. philblair99 added a post in a topic: Facebook connect just for registered members   

    It's a shame that it can't be limited to current members only, as that's all I wanted it for.
    May give it a try anyway though when 3.1 is out.

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