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  1. Silnei L Andrade added a post in a topic: Questions about 4.0, 301 redirect, and old Urls   

    Hello Guys,   I already have the license of the current IPBOARD  suite. I bought it for over 2 years and I've been renewing the signature even without use , it will migrate the forum that administer the PHPBB - SEO to IPB .   My forum have 250k users and more than 500k posts.      I have not done this change because the current IPB converter , does not automatically create 301 redirects for my system , which is PHPBB-SEO . Version used but very different from PHPBB .   I wonder if the 4.0 version you want to create a converter to create 301 redirects for PHPBB-SEO .   I think the biggest fear of forum administrators , at the time of change platform is exactly missing the old links . This can end up with a forum .   The URIs for version 4.0 will be the same to the current version?   Since you're doing this new version , could not also create a tool that makes it redirect to my forum system and also for others. That makes all the difference . In my opinion is one of the most important issues when trying to make a system conversion .   These urls besides being indexed in Google , are also in many forums on the site on other web sites. If they are not redirected , the forum will lose a huge number of visitations fow .   Maybe with this change is time to seriously think about it , since its main competitors are languishing .   The Vbulletin was sold and the latest version has been completely rewritten grotesquely . The Phpbb turned into an old design , old Concept,  no future .   On the other hand the new projects forum coming up with another type of concept , as Vaniila Forums and NodeBB that are still very primary , but if you give more attention to this kind of demand can steal this market easily .     Thank you for your attention .
  2. Silnei L Andrade added a post in a topic: My content is UTF-8 and the Language Pack is ISO-8859-1. What do I do?   

    Hello Guys,
    I'm converting my PHPBB forum to IPBoard. The charset of the content is UTF-8 and  the Portuguese Language Pack is ISO-8859-1. What do I do?
    Someone knows how i can convert the Language pack to UTF-8? 
    Thanks in advance,
  3. Silnei L Andrade added a post in a topic: PHPBB-Seo to Ip.Board 3 - Keep same URL's in Mod_Rewrite   

    Hi Sobrenome,
    With the redirection of all pages indexed in Google they continue as before or there was loss of hearing?