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  1. Ziggs added a post in a topic: Portal?   

    I bought IP.Content two years ago and still have no idea how to build a portal with it.  I gave up.  It's really not a turn-key solution.
  2. Ziggs added a post in a topic: HORRIBLY SLOW after UTF-8 Conversion   

    ​Thanks.  I'll open a ticket and we can go from there.
  3. Ziggs added a post in a topic: HORRIBLY SLOW after UTF-8 Conversion   

    I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're trying to say.
  4. Ziggs added a post in a topic: HORRIBLY SLOW after UTF-8 Conversion   

    So I did the UTF-8 conversion as recommended to get ready for IPB4.  The conversion completed successfully but now my forum is horribly, horribly slow.  My server load averages went from sub 1 second to 20 seconds and climbing, all thanks to the UTF conversion it seems.  What gives?!?
    I had to restore my database from backup just to get performance back.
    This sucks!   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Ziggs added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Introducing Themes   

    REALLY looking forward to the new version!
  6. Ziggs added a post in a topic: Better Options for Exporting Purchases   

    Just found this thread and wanted to add my vote of frustration with the lack of any appreciable reporting inside of Nexus. It'd be great if the IP developers would incorporate a "report builder" of sorts that would let you quickly and easily export a CSV file via a GUI query builder. Like most of the IPB add-ons there seems to be so much untapped potential in Nexus and the common answer from the community seems to be that you should learn to program.

    I've barely enough time to stay on top of my various communities and related projects, work 50+ hours a week and have a growing family and responsibilities at home. If I wanted to be a programmer, I'd have gone down that path 20 years ago when I was in college.

    But I digress.
  7. Ziggs added a comment on a file: [HQ] Badges   

    So the cool little black leather-looking ribbon in the demo isn't included in the PSD file?  :(
  8. Ziggs added a comment on a file: User Geolocation Restriction   

    I had to uninstall and reinstall with the option to drop tables.  I lost my API key and now when I attempt to register for the API key it gives me ERROR: #2044.
    I assume this is because I registered once before.  Kind of short-sighted to not be able to either retrieve the key or register again.   Help?
  9. Ziggs added a post in a topic: Nexus Invoice IDs with one PayPal account and multiple forums   

    Good enough. Thanks. Hopefully IPS will agree with that request and make it a feature in a subsequent release.

    I appreciate your help.
  10. Ziggs added a post in a topic: Nexus Invoice IDs with one PayPal account and multiple forums   

    So there is no danger of Nexus seeing a Forum2.com transaction as "paid" because that same invoice ID was used previously by a Nexus transaction on Forum1.com?

    Provided that is the case, I don't mind using this as a workaround although I think it would be much better if we could set a prefix for each Nexus installation's transaction IDs.
  11. Ziggs added a post in a topic: Nexus Invoice IDs with one PayPal account and multiple forums   


    I have two IPB instances running as two different communities under two different domain names. We will call them Forum1.com and Forum2.com for the sake of argument.

    I have one PayPal account for which I have a generic personal email address as my primary address. I also have unique addresses for each of my two communities as alternate email addresses of record on this PayPal account. For the sake of argument we will refer to them as:

    paypal@personaldomain.com paypal@forum1.com paypal@forum2.com

    I have used this configuration with success in the past for vBulletin and have accepted "subscription" payments like that with no issue.

    Problem: Nexus was initially installed on Forum1.com and has worked flawlessly, accepting payment via PayPal for subscriptions and purchases of community swag.

    I have now installed Nexus on Forum2.com and the members are getting an error when they attempt to complete a purchase transaction in Nexus from this second community. The error states:

    Is my understanding correct that Nexus on Forum2.com is literally using the same numbers in sequential order (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) for invoice IDs instead of generating a unique string of some sort so that Paypal is as a result seeing the new transactions from Forum2.com as duplicates of the transactions performed months ago on Forum1.com ?

    In other words, does Nexus prefix each transaction ID number with a unique string particular to that installation of Nexus, or is my understanding correct and each installation of Nexus (Forum1.com / Forum2.com) duplicating the transaction IDs?

    If my understanding is correct, this is a pretty big oversight on Invision Power's part and needs to be addressed quickly. It's made my second license of Nexus functionally useless.

    Please advise. Error: This invoice has already been paid. For more information, please contact the merchant.
  12. Ziggs added a post in a topic: Just a word of thanks to the Invision Power Staff...   

    Too frequently it seems that we consumers tend only to reach out to retailers, vendors, manufactuers, etc. when something goes wrong and we need support. That's not a dig aimed at us as a whole, but rather an observation that life moves so quickly these days that I for one often forget or neglect to stop and say something positive when people deliver good service.

    Just yesterday I completed the conversion to IPBoard of a moderately sized vBulletin 4.x forum with over 14,000 members and close to 1M posts. Overall the process went quite smoothly but not for lack of hard work and planning during the past few weeks leading up to it. Along the way there were several snags and gotchas that needed to be overcome and Jason Hanna and Ryan Ashbrook and I'm sure other members of the IP team that I'm forgetting really went out of their way to help answer my questions quickly, frequently even on a Saturday or a Sunday and often late into the evening.

    Were it not for the help these folks gave both during my test conversions and during the actual conversion process itself yesterday, my transition to IPBoard would have been frustrating for both me and my community's members. Their assistance and patience with me made it a resounding success.

    So my hat is off to you guys at Invision Power. Thank you for your help!

  13. Ziggs added a post in a topic: What do you think of 3.2?   

    Seeing 3.2 in use here has convinced me that it's time to finally switch my largest forum away from vBulletin and move it to IPB. I've had my IPB license for several years now and just never could bring myself to pull the trigger for fear of end-user backlash. Now, I'm not afraid. Some may complain but so many more will love the new look, feel and features.

    I'm anxiously awaiting 3.2's gold release.
  14. Ziggs added a post in a topic: Import from Xenforo?   

    Thanks, Ryan. I downloaded the converter pack earlier and will give it a shot. Appreciate the quick response.
  15. Ziggs added a post in a topic: Import from Xenforo?   

    I hate to bump an old thread, but has an importer been released yet? I've tried Xenforo on one of my forums and believe that IPB would be a better match for that community so I plan to convert soon using my IPB license.