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  1. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Will you need to upgrade themes to work for IPB 3.4?   

    Not much more to say then the title. ^ Coming from 3.3.4
  2. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: The New Gallery 5.0, Well Sort Of, Look-ie! :D   

    IMO, IPS should be striving for a layout something similar to
  3. Shadow82x added a comment on a blog entry: Gallery 5.0 Goals   

    Ew.. 2 sliders on one page, no thanks. And that hardly looks like a gallery, more like a forum. Not meaning to sound harsh here, but you guys need to go back to the drawing board in terms of layout and design. You should be striving for something similar to . Simple, clean, organized, and it actually looks like a gallery.
  4. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Why do people love to hate Apple?   

    Such as?
  5. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Why do people love to hate Apple?   

    Apple isn't the only one doing this and I don't see this as a bad thing. If Macbooks had a removal battery it will ruin their unibody design.
  6. Shadow82x added a comment on a file: Contact Form   

    This should really be built into IPB by now but meh
  7. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Apple is Through!   

    ..Apple will die because Steve Jobs left? Not quite. Sure the CEO has a lot of influential power but they don't make up the entire company.
  8. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: IPB 3.2 Good for Old Computers & Slow Connections?   

    I occasionally use a PC from 2001 (when I'm not on my macbook) and have no issues with IPB3.2.
  9. Shadow82x added a comment on a file: IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes   

    Very nice
  10. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Upgrade/Install Style for 3.2   

  11. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Upgrade/Install Style for 3.2   

    Why is it still using the old 3.1 style? o.0 A facelift to match the current 3.2 design would be most appropriate.

    It currently looks incomplete using a theme from a previous version..
  12. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: IRC Similar Commands   

    This has been requested a ton of times..But doesn't seem like there implementing it anytime soon. :(
  13. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion   

    Launch Pad and the integrated App Store basically is the iPad right there. :tongue:
  14. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion   

    Yeah the gold release was posted in early July. Im surprised its not in the app store yet.
  15. Shadow82x added a post in a topic: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion   

    Just upgraded to the gold release too, and have been for the most part, impressed. Though I must say I don't like this entire "app" movement making OSX look and feel like an ipad.

    But other then that, the new features are really neat. In fact it feels a lot snappier too.

    Haven't had any issues with crashing in FF5 or any other apps for that matter.

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Colin Shadow82x Blaber.

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  1. Shadow82x

    No longer an active customer :(

    1. Shadow82x

      Must renew when 3.2 is final..

    2. ᴡᴅツ

      I'll be renewing all my apps (more than 1 account) when 3.2 is released. If things go well with Nexus 2.0, I might consider buying another suite.

  2. Shadow82x

    Thinks too many people are obsessed with minecraft

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. .Corey

      skin dev you play minecraft? :D

    3. skindev

      I do indeed.

    4. Jeuhen

      MINECRAFT <3

  3. Shadow82x

    If anyone wants a Google + invite they can contact me

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Edward Shephard

      Yes please

    3. Shadow82x

      Its currently closed but those of you who sent me a PM with an email, Ill invite when it opens again.

    4. Jake Sully

      Shadow82x add me on google+ i really need to talk to you :/ it's really hard to get answer from you through PM, E-Mail :/ so please answer me.

  4. Shadow82x

    Dunkin Donuts has got to be one of the worst summer jobs

    1. IBTheme

      But an awesome breakfast! lol

    2. RobertMidd

      Donuts for Breakfast, yuck !!!!

    3. Shadow82x

      Morning wraps aren't bad..But sucks making them lol.

  5. Shadow82x

    I'm afraid to report that 3.2 doesn't look too hot on Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac =P

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    2. c u l8er

      Ohh I thought that was a pic of IE 9... What ever, same thing :P

    3. Rikki

      Please submit a bug report, so that I can mark it Working as Intended ;)

    4. Andrej

      lol rikki.

  6. Shadow82x

    Finals this week.. boo

  7. Shadow82x

    There's a new "like system" in 3.2 but unfortunately you still can't "like" status updates. :(

    1. Cory b

      It'd be nice if you could but oh well, probably would be just a bit too much like Facebook. I wish I could just hit enter and submit comments

    2. Shadow82x

      Made a topic at -

      And yes, I agree.

  8. Shadow82x

    Had a feeling today would be the day :)

  9. Shadow82x

    Anyone willing to create and implement CSS sprites for $$$? Contact me.

  10. Shadow82x

    Aww the preview site didn't open on my birthday. :(

    1. Nick²

      But a day after isn't too bad, eh?

  11. Shadow82x

    Looks like IPS is doing things right in IP3.2

    1. Matt

      Of course we are!

    2. Sandakelum™

      Hehe, waiting for the release ;) Keep up the good work

  12. Kevin Brekelmans » Shadow82x

    Hi is it possible that you add my site banner/link on your site? And i will add you banner/link on my site :-) pm me with your awnser. Than You

  13. Shadow82x

    Status Updates are back? Hmm

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    2. Shadow82x

      Wasn't the hook disabled on the board index? Or was that just a dream I was having a few days ago.

    3. TheRevTastic

      Yes it was disabled, hence why I said "They have been back".

    4. Charles


  14. Shadow82x

    Thinking about getting a macbook or...?

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    2. SkimPappa

      I've had others, I guess its a matter of preference, For me, I switched most of my family over to macs, (imacs) and I haven't got phone calls every couple days asking to remove a virus, or fix an error, or why is it when I bought the virus remover that popped up did things get crazy. It made my life much easier. :) So Sorry, I suggest macs now :)

    3. Amy T

      LOl well you did not have to get macs for that you could have installed linux on your computers. Then again I guess it depends what the computer are used for.

    4. SkimPappa

      I use linux and like it, but it was darn hard to convince my mom and sister, and brother to use it. They were too scared. But, they fell in love with their macs :) Now my other brother bought one a couple days ago, and I will never need to remote access fix their computers :) Heck even the wife is glad we switched, you pay for the convenience I guess.

  15. Shadow82x

    Next Blog Post: IP.Board 3.2 New Default Theme! (I hope.)

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    2. .Peter


    3. #AC

      Yeah, I think this skin has had its time now.

    4. Clickfinity

      More pink ... more pink ... lol

  16. Shadow82x

    New Custom Theme @ . Thank you FinalPrestige! Amazing Skin!

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    2. Fishfish0001

      Only issue is some scroll lag on Chrome. But looks good.

    3. Shadow82x

      Works fine for me in Chrome, but that's kind of expected because It's a fixed background. Without the fixed background, I think it will really lose a lot of the look imho.

    4. #AC

      That's a great price and it works great on chrome.

  17. Shadow82x

    I find it funny that people go here for support on their nulled forum.

  18. Shadow82x

    Has the gallery here been updated to beta 3?

    1. Breadfan

      Nah, they thought beta 2 is more stable.

  19. Shadow82x

    MONDAY! :D ..................... :(

  20. Shadow82x

    psp2 annonced.. Looks like they are taking on apple and not nintendo now.

    1. c0bra

      looks pretty nice though.

    2. Ryan Ashbrook

      ^ Agreed.

  21. Shadow82x

    Snow, Freezing Rain, and sleet accumulating to around 11 inches. Oh my.