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  1. Neuro added a post in a topic: Soundcloud Audio   

    Agree with autonami above. At the moment soundcloud links starting with http are fine, https are not... https support still doesn't work for me.

    Is the media replacement match correct here?:

  2. Neuro added a comment on a file: TracDown   

    This would be perfect. Is the importer now shipped in TracDown v1.1.0 ?
  3. Neuro added a post in a topic: MP3 Preview for a "Record Pool"   

    Yeah that would work, but it's a lot of manual labour having to create low quality duplicates to stream if you have a music pool with hundreds of mp3s. :)
  4. Neuro added a post in a topic: MP3 Preview for a "Record Pool"   

    But parsing it in its entirety like that would circumvent the whole point of having IP.Downloads for downloading/purchasing the file and would offer little protection because it's easily rippable there in it's full quality; I think GoldSport is looking for auto-created audio snippets of the file to whet the downloader's appetite before committing...

    Most of the big-name DJ download sites work around this by having their own standalone mp3 player/streamer (see Junodownload, Beatport or for example) that streams a designated snippet of the selected file in a lower quality bitrate - I've no idea how you would emulate this unfortunately :sad:
  5. Neuro added a post in a topic: [FEATURE REQUEST] Soft delete in IPD   

    Yeah I think the "invisibility" tack is the way forward. Just like you can make topics and posts invisible, files (and maybe their respective support topics) could be make invisible too until the Admin is happy for them to go public?
  6. Neuro added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Addition of "support topic" button immediately after download?   

    This is a small but hopefully very simple suggestion for IP.Downloads.

    When a member views a file, they have the choice of viewing the support topic through a grey button the right. Great. But once a member has downloaded a file, there's no opportunity to visit that immediately or easily without arsing around finding the file entry again or clicking the "Back" button the browser (which is unlikely).

    So I would like there to be the opportunity for members to visit a file's "support topic" immediately afterwards, in the next click immediately after download. This simply means adding another grey "support topic" button/link on the final download page (i.e. after the member has agreed the disclaimer and downloaded the file successfully).

    According to the support guys on here, apparently this isn't possible at the moment because "...the 'confirmDownload' page can display many files for the one IP.Downloads record, and as the support topic information isn't required on that page, it isn't sent to the template."

    I have absolutely no idea how to achieve this, so any help would be greatly appreciated for me to see that little grey button a second time :smile:

    Thanks so much, appreciate comments or maybe an admin to consider for a future version.
  7. Neuro added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: A few more SEO tweaks   

    " Dyslexics of the world untie!" - surely?

    Many thanks, that is all :)
  8. Neuro added a post in a topic: IP.Gallery 4.x - Feature request - Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion...   

    Totally agree with you. I am baffled why this isn't in IP.Gallery.

    Please IPS think about accommodating this :(
  9. Neuro added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Navigation Bar   

    Really pleased with this submenu stuff and the tab re-ordering ability. Excellent & just what I need
  10. Neuro added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Add record button on main DB screen   

    Just a thought, but you can probably do this by editing the template yourself. Go into Listings template and copy the segment of code that displays the buttons and paste into the Category template.
  11. Neuro added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Tagging   

    Disgraceful that this was posted on Christmas Day! Brandon, you should have been tucking into some delicious food and putting your feet up by the log fire! :)
  12. Neuro added a post in a topic: Gallery 4.2.0 - Browsing member's Gallery is a disaster   

    Throwing in my lot on this too. We need more admin control over everything that gets submitted in IP/Gallery.

    Also, whilst I'm here, please can we have the ability to host external videos too, as per this thread here , because at the moment I have 2 galleries given I can't have hosted/uploaded videos or images in one application - how silly.
  13. Neuro added a post in a topic: Gallery 4.2 Suggestions   

    Absolutely, I completely agree with this.
  14. Neuro added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Applications & Hooks Enhancements   

    Really pleased tabs can be re-ordered now - been asking for this for years! Thank you so much, excellent.
  15. Neuro added a comment on a blog entry: Content Media System 1.1.4 Released   

    Excellent, beats IP.Gallery for me with the functionality of being able to add videos from Vimeo, Youtube, Yahoo, DailyMotion, TwitchTV, JustinTV, etc. Thanks for the update!