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  1. Booth added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Blog 2.6: Moderation, Interface, and Odds & Ends   

    Are we going to be able to promote blogs to IPC articles and also mass delete empty blogs in AdminCP?
  2. Booth added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 5.0: Some Further Changes   

    Disappointed the gallery home page is changing. I liked it and don't really want to have to mod it to get it the same as how it was before. It should be optional, I thought you'd got it just right with the current implementation.
  3. Booth added a post in a topic: Emoticons in signatures   

    This is such a bizarre ommission. Such a rudimentary thing :unsure:
  4. Booth added a post in a topic: Downgrade to 5 users   

    How do I downgrade to the 5 users chat? I'm currently on 20 users but it's not used enough for me to justify paying for them.

  5. Booth added a post in a topic: Opt-out of forums option   

    I've found it, that's genius and in the core product.

    Well done on 3.2 it really is perfect.
  6. Booth added a post in a topic: Opt-out of forums option   

    Is there a way that members can opt-out of seeing new posts from specific forums when clicking VNC?

    A member on one of our site has written about this here...

    So it would be great if this member could select not to see any new content from the Sport Forums.
  7. Booth added a post in a topic: Facebook like for photos?   

    Is there a way of adding Facebook like to photos in the gallery? If so could someone tell me where I find the option in AdminCP.
  8. Booth added a post in a topic: FireFox keeps messing up 3.2 skin   

    Come back for me too.

    3.2 is very cool.
  9. Booth added a post in a topic: FireFox keeps messing up 3.2 skin   

    Not working for me even after I clear DNS.
  10. Booth added a post in a topic: At last people starting to us ipc   

    Great post and I'm glad IPS is looking at way to make IP.Content better, and easier to use.

    This in particular...
  11. Booth added a post in a topic: IPB 3.2 signature-pics?!   

    This should be a standard feature in 3.2 in my opinion. It's a well used feature on VB.
  12. Booth added a post in a topic: Why IPC is failing   

    The way I look at IP.Content is that it's like those flatpack wardrobes that you can get at superstores. It looks great on the box, but when you get it home you realize you have to be some DIY expert to get it moving.

    The problem I have with this is that DIY experts will probably just make their own wardrobe from scratch anyway so would have no use for a flatpacked product. And those that aren't end up with either something cobbled together, the doors falling off, or they get fed up and don't ever use it.

    I've had to hire someone to make sense of IP.Content and even they are tearing their hair out. And they have a long history of working with IP Board.
  13. Booth added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Commerce name changed to IP.Nexus   

    Is more than one Nexus, Nexi?
  14. Booth added a post in a topic: Unread posts not showing up in View New Content   

    I'm currently away from home in France so I'm not getting onto our forum as often as I usually do. One frustrating thing that I'm finding with our IPB3 powered board which I haven't noticed until now is that View New Posts and Active Topics are nowhere near as good as VB3's View New Posts feature.

    At the moment there are about five posts/updated topics that I haven't read. However when I click View New Posts, or Active Topics they aren't appearing. If I hadn't have manually searched, which is impractical for most users, I would have missed these posts.

    Is there any way to set this up better in admin, or failing that could it be considered to fix this. At least have a look at VB3's View New Posts and include the same thing.

    I think this is the only thing that's making me miss VB3 as I know that the forum would be more active was it not for people missing out on seeing new posts >_<

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    I want IP.Content 2... Wahhhhh...

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      Woops! Sorry :p

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    I like Monkeys.

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    IPB now powers both of our sites :p

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    3.1 looking good :)

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    Wants IP.Content v2 asap! ;)

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    Not sure if you saw, but I added them

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    Thumbnails! The missing piece to the puzzle! Im working on it right now!

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    Lestyn, where is your avatar from it's pretty cool.

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    Many thanks for your replies on my VB to IPB query.