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  1. Booth added a post in a topic: Can't download the converters   

    Easy fix, thanks Stuart
  2. Booth added a post in a topic: Can't download the converters   

    Since the recent update I can't download the converters found here:
    A file is available but appears to be corrupted, can anyone help?

Status Feed

  1. Booth

    has decided to return to IPB.

    1. .Brian

      Welcome back!

    2. Booth

      Thanks Brian, I'm glad to be back to a solid product. Just waiting for our custom skin to be converted now.

    3. DawPi

      Where have you been before?

    4. Booth

      VB4 after a brief dalliance with IPB3 before. Moved back to VB due to members asking for it. Instead I'm getting someone to implement IPC as a VBCMS substitute.

    5. DawPi

      So welcome back! :-)

  2. Booth

    I want IP.Content 2... Wahhhhh...

    1. Lewis P

      Woops! Sorry :p

  3. Booth

    Still no smilies in status updates?

    1. Graeme S.

      I'd rather not... But to each his own! :)

    2. Glumbo

      Yeah, its not a big deal. It keeps the text cleaner too

  4. Booth

    I like Monkeys.

  5. Booth

    Hey I like the new 'who is chatting' feature in the header :)

  6. Booth

    IPB now powers both of our sites :p

  7. Booth

    3.1 looking good :)

    1. Glumbo


  8. Booth

    Wants IP.Content v2 asap! ;)

  9. Andy Rixon » Booth

    Blackburn Web Notification: You have a new member, he has replied with suggestions on the topic "Shout this site remain?", to view it go to this link
    This is not spam Booth lol

  10. Collin1000 » Booth

    Not sure if you saw, but I added them

  11. Booth » Collin1000

    No probs Collin :)

  12. Collin1000 » Booth

    Thumbnails! The missing piece to the puzzle! Im working on it right now!

  13. Booth » Iestyn

    Happy New Year to you too :)

  14. Iestyn » Booth

    Happy new year mate =]

  15. Iestyn » Booth

    No problem mate =]

  16. Booth » Iestyn

    Sorry Iestyn ;)

  17. Iestyn » Booth

    Thankyou Booth :) My name's Iestyn, begins with an 'i' hehe. No worries, but thankyou for the comment :)

  18. Booth » Iestyn

    Lestyn, where is your avatar from it's pretty cool.

  19. Booth » Mark

    Many thanks for your replies on my VB to IPB query.