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  1. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: Duplicate Members Logger   

    Please PM me some ACP and FTP login info to investigate this.
  2. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    ​You either have changed your community's URL since you registered to the API, or you use an incorrect authentication key. Anyway, I'm sending you a PM with the correct URL and key in file. If the URL in file is not your current URL, let me know so that I erase the record, and you can register another URL.
    Accidentally, I sent your PM to Cheapy who probably now knows your authentication key. So, I'll just erase your record from my API, and you're ready to re-register for a new authentication key. Sorry for that.
    ​You are not even registered in the API. So, as the message you quoted suggests, you should fill in the form with your IPS member ID so that you're given an API authentication key. If you need help with that, let me know.
  3. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    Haven't the new NS propagated for you? Mine is back online!
  4. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    Issue is resolved! My stupid host decided after 2 years that the API was pushing the server to its limits... So they decided to simply suspend it without notifying me...
    Admirable, huh?
    Anyway, I moved to another company (VPS again, as the app's sales don't justify a dedicated), and I hope it'll be fine.
  5. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    Guys my API is down. Both its domain as well as the hosting service are active and valid until 2016. I just contacted both companies as I currently have absolutely no clue about the reason why this happened... Just some patience please.
    PS: This issue I wasn't getting email notifications to subscribed topics is resolved a long time ago, I just can't be online 24/7. Can you? Relax, no one's life is at risk...
  6. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    Please read my post just above yours.
  7. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    Obviously due to the new IPS4 framework, there is a major issue with my access to the new IPS Pull API. As a consequence, my UGR API can't communicate with IPS's API to confirm renewals etc.
    Yesterday, finally I received a reply to my ticket asking for assistance, but due to the late hour I left it for today to follow the instructions to regain access to the new Pull API. Today, again I don't have access to that instructions page.
    I don't know how much time it'll take them to get this fixed, so that I can then make the appropriate changes to my API, so I just manually extended ALL (current, expired and not renewed, expired and renewed) of my customers' access to my UGR API untill 31/12/2014 23:59:59.
    Until then, I assume that the system will be up and running, so my cron job (once having access to IPS Pull API) will correct all expiration dates.
    Thanks for your patience.
  8. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: Duplicate Members Logger   

    That's because of an invalid machine guid that somehow got into a member's record.
    You could use the Delete All Machines button in Overview page to wipe out all guids (including the faulty one), but that button like I said is in the Overview page which is inaccessible. In the current situation, the only two options can be performed through the DB tool in ACP , or phpMyAdmin in cPanel.
    So, if you have the app installed for a small amount of time and there is no important data collected for duplicates etc, you can safely use the "DELETE unique_machines FROM ibf_members" command to clear all machines.
    If there is important data in that field for duplicate pairs etc, you can manually try to locate the invalid guid and delete it for that particular member.
    If you are not familiar with anything I mention above, I'd need ACP access to your board, and I can gladly do it for you.
  9. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    First of all, beware, you're revealing to everybody your community's URL in your post above.

    Second, recently IPS change my password (maybe yours, and all others' as well?). That lead to my API not being able to communicate with IPS's API to confirm the purchase. Haven't you read my reply to your initial PM explaining the situation as soon as I debugged your situation?

    The problem is fixed for 4 days already.
  10. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    Hi there.

    No, no need for me to check anything, the API is automated. All you have to do is follow the appropriate link in the app's page in your ACP and fill in your IPS member id in the form that opens.

    Regards and thanks for your purchase. :)
  11. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: Duplicate Members Logger   

    @coolservers: Reporting a file broken is maybe the most foolish way to drag the author's attention when you seek for help. Personally, I won't bother helping you with this due to that, and also due to the threats above. The app is 1000% compatible with shoutbox, I have shoutbox in my community too. Any other customer of the app can backup my statement too. Ah, and good luck with the refund.

    Tip: The problem is 99.9999% with your skin. Ask your skinner to look into it.
  12. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    These are my reg denial stats (descending order from max down to 100 attempts) having everything but my country blacklisted:

    China 65,780
    United States 44,036 <- I admit you might have to leave this whitelisted :tongue: (for my community which is exclusively Greek spoken, I can safely assume, it only saved me from 44,036 spammers)
    Ukraine 29,261
    Russian Federation 26,200
    Poland 14,492
    France 11,847
    Sweden 6,903
    Germany 6,104
    Canada 5,791
    United Kingdom 5,594
    Netherlands 3,946
    Thailand 2,676
    Latvia 2,395
    Romania 1,883
    Luxembourg 1,799
    Turkey 1,512
    Israel 1,422
    Moldova, Republic of 1,215
    Vietnam 965
    Korea, Republic of 909
    Brazil 871
    Belarus 813
    Indonesia 591
    TOR Network 522
    Lithuania 515
    India 484
    Bulgaria 449
    Seychelles 364
    Spain 360
    Czech Republic 353
    Saudi Arabia 339
    Kazakhstan 307
    Taiwan, Province of China 283
    Hong Kong 281
    Japan 281
    Austria 280
    Italy 247
    Anonymous Proxy 237
    Colombia 227
    Philippines 224
    United Arab Emirates 212
    Georgia 195
    Singapore 193
    Ireland 179
    Pakistan 170
    Switzerland 170
    Portugal 165
    Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 146
    Nigeria 131
    Sri Lanka 110
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 109
    Australia 104
    Iran, Islamic Republic of 104
    Malaysia 101
  13. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    Aussie Cable, isn't this former member Extreame? Are you kidding me mate? Do you know how many times I've contacted you through Skype and gave you specific instructions on how to debug your issue? All messages where delivered, but I got no response so I considered your case closed.

    Also, about your last 1-2 posts, I don't know what to say... TBH, I don't even care responding to such accusations. First of all, have we signed any contract of service guaranteeing any form of support within let's say 1 hour from your request? You purchased an app for the mere price of 25USD (even told me once on Skype that you'd have purchased even if it cost 100USD) and that's it. The app works fine, it does exactly what it says, so I don't understand what kind of support you want me to give you... If you're using it on a professional environment with some millions of users of your telco company which equals to some thousands of IP requests per second, then I'm sorry mate, the app was designed for the average community. I don't have the resources to test it on such environments. Nor am I interested in making the app suitable for such environments anyway. It's not financially feasible at this moment.

    So let's do some maths... I already pay 85USD per year for having access to the IPs database with monthly updates. I also pay another 120USD per year to the host where the API is hosted on. Remember when my previous host was suspending my API's site? That was indeed a problem, and I dealt with it in a matter of days. But for your performance issues I don't see me anyhow responsible or obligated to do anything, even though, like I said, I still offered to help you on Skype where I got no response. Anyway, let's continue with the maths... So this app costs me 205USD per year. Now, in 2014 I have (till now) 24 purchases. If you multiply it by 22USD (25USD - IPS commission) you get 528USD, and if you subtract my expenses it's 323USD profit. That's what I earn to support the app (should it have any real bugs), answer to potential customers/existing customers questions, etc for half a year already in 2014. Would you do that for 323USD? I don't expect to live out of this app, I have a day job for that, but you shouldn't expect unreasonable things either.

    Additionally, if it makes any difference, keep in mind that this app as well as my other app were created at first as tools to help me for my own community. They stayed like that for a lot of time, and then I thought that other admins could benefit from them and I could get that little extra in return.

    Anyway, enough with my point of you. About your problem, let me copy here what I've asked you on Skype a lot of time ago… So, you said that when you disable access control you get better TTFB times, while your TTFB times stay unaffected when you disable registration control. But have you checked the TTFB difference with registration control enabled/disabled specifically in the new account registration screen? Because that's exactly where registration control kicks in (URL:

    Also, keep in mind that for every IP request to the API, you have to wait for the request to reach the API, then the API processes the request and responds back. That amount of time you can test and check in your ACP > User Geolocation Restriction Overview page, using the Test API Response tool. Normally I get response times between 0,2sec to 0,6sec. That's something that you can't avoid, no matter what. The only other possible solution would be to distribute the IP's database along with each app purchase, and do the requests locally, but that's not feasible firstly because the DB is huge, and secondly because that would break the TOS of the IP database I'm subscribed to.

    That's all I had to say mate.
  14. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: Duplicate Members Logger   

    Indeed it's not completely foolproof anymore, though it's still stopping dups in my community.

    I'm also preparing a new technique, that emphasizes on the persistence of the id's, that will also make the app extremely lightweight.

    Currently, whenever someone deletes their cookies, a new id is generated for them and added in their list of id's. In some cases, there are members with a hundred or two of id's and cross-checking them against all keys of all other members can prove to be a very cpu intensive task.

    With this new technique, I was unable to fool the mechanism generate a new id for me, even though I deleted my cache, cookies etc from all browsers. Anyway, there is still work to be done, and most probably it will be out when IPS 4.0 is released.
  15. PrinceOfAbyss added a post in a topic: User Geolocation Restriction   

    I really don't understand the purpose of being ironic Chris. What's your complaint?

    William Johnson I've just sent you a PM mate.