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  1. austinreefclub added a post in a topic: Remove Forums from Board Index - User Control   

    How do you deselect items in the list?  For example, if I select a forum to ignore and then later decide I want to stop ignoring it.  I don't see an option to "clear all" or such.
    Great mod!
  2. austinreefclub added a post in a topic: Paypal IPN issue   

    Interesting, think I found it. In addition to the setting I mentioned, there is one under Profile/My Selling Tools/Instant Payment Notifications. When I went to update it I found that the "Notification URL" was correct, but somehow the "Message Delivery" option had been set to Disabled. Click "Edit Settings" and enable it, now things appear to be working again.
  3. austinreefclub added a post in a topic: Paypal IPN issue   

    For the last several weeks I've seen the same. I reset my API settings under Profile/My Selling Tools/API Access. When users buy items in the store the transaction is being processed by Paypal but then the invoice is never closed within IPB. Is this a known issue?

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