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    Notice about E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR in PHP 5.1
    E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR was not defined until 5.2.0 (, but is used in /initdata.php. On hosts running PHP 5.1, this will generate the following notice on every page:

    "Notice: Use of undefined constant E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR - assumed 'E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR' in /var/html/ipb3/initdata.php on line 252"
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  2. atomicknight added a comment: VERY MINOR! xHTML Valid issue   

    QUOTE (iBotPeaches @ Jan 29 2009, 04:33 PM) Won't it be impossible to get perfect xHTML with all the hacks needed for other browsers? That's unlikely to be the case. Most browser hacks nowadays are typically with regard to CSS or JavaScript; XHTML rendering in of itself is relatively standardized.

About Me

I do a lot of web-related things, mainly centering around web applications of some sort or another. Nowadays, I mostly work with Java (in the context of servlets) and GWT (the Google Web Toolkit, a Java-to-JavaScript cross-compiler), but I spend a decent amount of time with Apache+PHP+MySQL (with XHTML+CSS+JS).

If you have questions about anything listed above (or even about only marginally related topics like regular expressions or URL rewriting with mod_rewrite), feel free to send me a message :)

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