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  1. Fischje added a post in a topic: Change the default blog page?   

    I'm wondering about this feature too.
    I want the Dashboard from Blog as my Startpage for the Community.
    First thing is the menuitem doesn't like for defualt to the dashboard. it's linking to all blogs.
    and the second thing is that at "dashboard" it should show the last 5,10,15,20 and so on... blog entries from all my blogs at chronicle order....
  2. Fischje added a post in a topic: Searching for original Emoji as Emoticons   

    Hello Everybody.
    I'm searching for the iPhone Emoji Emoticons to upload them to my IPB. Somebody knows a mod or a pack for those?
  3. Fischje added a post in a topic: How to realize this one?   

    [quote name='bfarber' timestamp='1346072239' post='2301560']
    Users can only upload to their own albums. Any user (with permission) can upload to any category, but admins create categories, not users.

    Thanks brandon. Because this i should make categories where users can upload images directly in that category without albums? can't there be an open public albums mode? :)
  4. Fischje added a post in a topic: How to realize this one?   

    [quote name='Pete T' timestamp='1345885909' post='2300747']
    The answer simple if use create gallery and clicks private then no one can add to it but if use has added on and it's public then should not be issue.

    But this doesn't work for my gallery. Users can't add photos to public albums. Even if they are in a group that has permission to it.
  5. Fischje added a post in a topic: How to realize this one?   

    to come back with gallery 5 now i will ask my question new, cause i not know how to resolve this one:

    I want to get my user the ability to upload images in albums other members created. how to do this?