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  1. bonjovicrzy41 added a post in a topic: Embedding attached media files to a post   

    I am looking for this answer to I use to be able to post a player using media tag .. but now I can't
  2. bonjovicrzy41 added a post in a topic: Gallery - Most Wanted Features   

    oh boy I have a lot I would love to see I run a fan site that handles photos and videos most of my members hate the gallery some things I would love to see has already been mention

    1: Top of list : my members keep asking for this since we share private tour pictures I want this to when you make private albums and galleries for only certain groups to see Admins should have the option to set share links for each individual album and gallery as it is now... you can only pick share links option for the the whole gallery.. share links should be set per gallery or album not the whole gallery

    ones already mention
    2: I do not mind but my members would like to see gallery integrated with IP board better to post pictures in gallery when you want to add a image you should be able to pick your album listed with thumbnails something like Wordpress has..

    3; pick a avatar from your album pictures

    4: I hate that you have to type a description to post a picture should have upload options and a small text box for the description it takes longer to load with the post screen & the Layout of the gallery could be better it seems like it takes forever to see the image .. and it loads pages strange

    5; I just loved this option in the past Admin upload to others people albums & be able to have Zip files ...

    6:Arrange Photos the way you want it in the album so you can show what you want others to see first and organize better


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    Hello how are you? this is Bev/Bonjovicrzy41
    are you the Don Z that does Invision module updates and installs of modules ?
    thank you.. Bev