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  1. bonjovicrzy41 added a post in a topic: Music Player Question   

    Hi  does 3..45 forums and Downloads  have a built in  music player for  editor & embed   I use to have a plain music player on my forums  & Downloads App to play mp3 's  but when I got a upgrade to 3.45  I do not see it on my post  in forums  & download app  description   area   it  shows the link to the  mp3 file and  the old BBC media code  does not work  and  paste the mp3 file url when click it takes you to a page  with a player  I did a search on the support & resourse makertplace  I see sound cloud   but I just want a plain  old mp3 player like before   did a google search and see  nothing anything newer  just 4 to 5 years ago
    if it does can you give directions to get it back I am not a computer wiz so I need directions easy and exact  location to look or fix the problem .. thanks ..
  2. bonjovicrzy41 added a post in a topic: Embedding attached media files to a post   

    I am looking for this answer to I use to be able to post a player using media tag .. but now I  can't

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    Hello how are you? this is Bev/Bonjovicrzy41
    are you the Don Z that does Invision module updates and installs of modules ?
    thank you.. Bev