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  1. Nils added a record in IP.Board   

    PHP Errors
    I have been seeing the following PHP messages in my error_log since 3.4.6:
    PHP Warning:  substr() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /var/www/vhosts/xxx/www/admin/sources/classes/session/publicSessions.php on line 1344
    PHP Catchable fatal error:  Argument 1 passed to classes_comments_renderer::remapFromLocal() must be of the type array, null given, called in /var/www/vhosts/xxx/www/admin/sources/classes/comments/bootstrap.php on line 1413 and defined in /var/www/vhosts/xxx/www/admin/sources/classes/comments/bootstrap.php on line 1526
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  2. Nils added a post in a topic: Reporting Status Updates   

    Imagine the user has been reported before. Now if you report him again, the original report will be bumped with the new report message. But if you don't read very closely, you might not actually notice the new message, so you will get confused about why this old report is showing up again.

    Also, when people comment on this report it becomes very hard to see which comments are talking about the new report and which ones are talking about the old one. Depending on the amount of discussion before one might even have to browse through several pages of comments to find it.

    And now imagine the chaos if this happens multiple times for a single user.

    I am speaking from experience here...
  3. Nils added a post in a topic: Reporting Status Updates   

    Would it be possible to add a separate reporting system for status updates (like for posts, blogs and so on)? At the moment the only way to report these is by reporting the user, which gets very confusing over time, since when there are multiple status update reports for a user they all end up getting combined into one giant report thread.
  4. Nils added a comment: URLs in status comments not linked   

    Why not run the replies through the same parser though? I keep seeing comments where people respond to a status with a link to an image or video which you then have to copy and paste to view it. Full BBCode parsing would obviously be overkill, but a simple linkifier seems to me like it would be very useful.
  5. Nils added a record in IP.Board   

    URLs in status comments not linked
    URLs posted in comments on status updates are not turned into links (unlike URLs in the updates themselves).
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  6. Nils added a record in IP.Board   

    Mobile skin missing last post info for subforums
    In the board index each forum is displayed together with the number of posts and the date of the last post as expected. However, when you are looking at a forum that contains subforums those subforums are only displayed with the number of posts, not the date of the last post.
    This makes it unnecessarily hard to find new posts in subforums since you now have to go through the subforums one by one to see which one actually had the most recent post.
    Could you modify the templates for the next version to fix this?
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  7. Nils added a record in IP.Board   

    Remove chr(0xCA) from input and UTF8
    As mentioned in the help text this feature causes problem when using UTF8 since in this charset 0xCA is not actually a nbsp but part of some characters, for example à. However, disabling this option is also not ideal since once might still want to prevent nbsp characters when using UTF8.
    Is there any reason why you don't just check for the current charset when this option is enabled, and then remove 0xCA for non-UTF8 charsets and the UTF8 equivalen ("\xc2\xa0") for UTF8?
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  8. Nils added a record in IP.Board   

    CKEditor issues with getData() and setData()
    I need to change the contents of the editor via Javascript like this:[code=auto:0] var editor = CKEDITOR.instances[ipb.textEditor.getCurrentEditorId()]; alert(editor.getData()); editor.setData(editor.getData()); alert(editor.getData());[/code]
    This worked fine in IP.Board 3.3.4 and still works fine in the full editor, but in the source editor it now removes all line breaks in the text. I think this is because editor.getData() contains <br /> tags instead of the linebreak character \n, which get filtered out on setData(). In the CKEditor demo this code works fine as in their version the source contains linebreak characters and not HTML.
    I would appreciate a patch for this (if possible) as this is causing quite some problems on my forums.
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  9. Nils added a post in a topic: PLEASE provide a change log   

    I am not talking about diff reports or anything like that. Having the list of fixed bugs but with some priorities assigned would already be a lot more helpful. Ideally new features would also get tracked through the bug tracker and would show up in that list as well.
  10. Nils added a post in a topic: PLEASE provide a change log   

    For the templates, yes, but not for the software itself.
  11. Nils added a post in a topic: PLEASE provide a change log   

    I would just like to bring this topic back, as I still think a change log would be essential. An unsorted 7-page list of bug reports just doesn't cut it. It doesn't tell me what is important and what is just a minor fix, it doesn't tell me what the breaking changes are, it doesn't tell me where the known issues lie and it doesn't tell me what areas have been changed at all.

    So instead I have to either install the update and hope for the best or manually diff the files to see what has been changed, both of which I would not call good solutions.

    I really don't understand why this is such a problem.
  12. Nils added a comment: Cannot deactivate formatting   

    Okay, actually the same thing seems to be happening with bold too. Button gets deactivated but text still ends up being bold.
  13. Nils added a comment: Cannot deactivate formatting   

    Sorry, I thought the bug would occur with bold as well but it only seems to appear with underlined text. Type some text, then press Ctrl+U to underline. Type some more. Then delete all the underlined text (and optionally also some of the text you typed before). If you start typing again, the text will still be underlined. This is even worse in the IPB editor, since the U-button actually gets deactivated once you have deleted all the underlined text, but the editor stays in underline mode.

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