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  1. Nils added a post in a topic: Reporting Status Updates   

    Imagine the user has been reported before. Now if you report him again, the original report will be bumped with the new report message. But if you don't read very closely, you might not actually notice the new message, so you will get confused about why this old report is showing up again.

    Also, when people comment on this report it becomes very hard to see which comments are talking about the new report and which ones are talking about the old one. Depending on the amount of discussion before one might even have to browse through several pages of comments to find it.

    And now imagine the chaos if this happens multiple times for a single user.

    I am speaking from experience here...
  2. Nils added a post in a topic: Reporting Status Updates   

    Would it be possible to add a separate reporting system for status updates (like for posts, blogs and so on)? At the moment the only way to report these is by reporting the user, which gets very confusing over time, since when there are multiple status update reports for a user they all end up getting combined into one giant report thread.

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