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  1. wickedfpoop added a post in a topic: New IPS Web Site   

  2. wickedfpoop added a post in a topic: New IPS Web Site   

    LOL Wow. I'm just going to keep my mouth shut on this whole "girl holding the laptop" thing.
  3. wickedfpoop added a post in a topic: Slow query for PM deletion on large boards   

    That's actually why the About Me page was introduced in 2.3.5. Basically for when someone went to another user's profile, that was being executed and would cause massive slow downs. With the About Me page, of course, that gets diverted but with a function that calls members posts/topics still in there, well yea, over a million posts, there's always that. :)
  4. wickedfpoop added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus   

    [quote name='ysun' date='Jun 22 2008, 10:14 AM']A pure board or a bbs software will be less important in the future.

    Says who exactly? <_<

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If you add me as a friend, it may take a while to approve as I do forget even with the email that is sent! lol :lol:

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  1. AndyF » wickedfpoop

    Happy Birthday Josh :)

  2. IBTheme » wickedfpoop

    Hey! '=0)
    I hope you have a really great weekend!

  3. wickedfpoop » IBTheme

    :D I do what I can. haha

  4. IBTheme » wickedfpoop

    Thank you so much Josh! =0)

  5. wickedfpoop

    @dziner Yes, we're working as fast as we can though! :)

  6. IBTheme » wickedfpoop

    Loooove your photo. That is DEFINITELY your babygirl. She is adorable, and looks just like you.

  7. AndyF » wickedfpoop

    Birthday greetings :D

  8. Lindsey_ » wickedfpoop

    I came to bring you IPB3...LOL

  9. wickedfpoop » Rikki

    I can haz sta... oh wait. >.<

  10. Zeth0 » wickedfpoop

    Thank you very much for all the help and for installing my board a few weeks back!!! I love it!

  11. whoshotjr » wickedfpoop

    thank you for all your support on the phone!

  12. .Brian » wickedfpoop

    I guess for posting that people put disrespectful comments on my profile they go and view my profile, and ignore my signature that stats I delete them aha.

  13. wickedfpoop » .Brian

    Yea, a desk jockey marine. And all the other things Lindy has called him. lol

  14. .Brian » wickedfpoop

    Haha, don't make me get Louis on you he is an ex marine!

  15. wickedfpoop » .Brian

    YOU STINK! How's that for disrespectful! HA!

  16. UndergroundIllusion » wickedfpoop

    Thanks for fixing my site :)

  17. Louis M. » wickedfpoop

    How is I am actually playing W0W and you are ignoring my PMs? I want in your 133t guild damn it!!!

  18. wickedfpoop » Millar

    Poo towel! lol

  19. Gärrett » wickedfpoop

    The cake is NOT a lie. It is delicious, and you must eat it.

  20. .Ryan » wickedfpoop

    Yeah I've heard WoW destroys people haha, I'm not into it so not a problem for me. I heard rumors of a Battlefield 3, you can redeem yourself this summer haha

  21. wickedfpoop » .Ryan

    Yea, I wish I enjoyed good ole FPS's. WoW pretty much ruined that for me. Between that and Lost Odyssey for 360, I've had no time to play anything else. =/

  22. .Ryan » wickedfpoop

    I've converted back to Battlefield 2, got bored of 2142 :P

  23. wickedfpoop » Jason L

    *Obligitory thank you comment*
    THANKS DEWD! lol
    I like spelling dude like that. Makes me feel awesome!

  24. Jason L » wickedfpoop

    Birthday comments are trendy. Happy B-Day

  25. Katsuma » wickedfpoop

    Nice photo you have there. Was it taken on "The Dark Side"?