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If you add me as a friend, it may take a while to approve as I do forget even with the email that is sent! lol :lol:

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  1. AndyF » wickedfpoop

    Happy Birthday Josh :)

  2. IBSkin » wickedfpoop

    Hey! '=0)
    I hope you have a really great weekend!

  3. wickedfpoop » IBSkin

    :D I do what I can. haha

  4. IBSkin » wickedfpoop

    Thank you so much Josh! =0)

  5. wickedfpoop

    @dziner Yes, we're working as fast as we can though! :)

  6. IBSkin » wickedfpoop

    Loooove your photo. That is DEFINITELY your babygirl. She is adorable, and looks just like you.

  7. AndyF » wickedfpoop

    Birthday greetings :D

  8. Lindsey_ » wickedfpoop

    I came to bring you IPB3...LOL

  9. wickedfpoop » Rikki

    I can haz sta... oh wait. >.<

  10. Zeth0 » wickedfpoop

    Thank you very much for all the help and for installing my board a few weeks back!!! I love it!

  11. whoshotjr » wickedfpoop

    thank you for all your support on the phone!

  12. .Brian » wickedfpoop

    I guess for posting that people put disrespectful comments on my profile they go and view my profile, and ignore my signature that stats I delete them aha.

  13. wickedfpoop » .Brian

    Yea, a desk jockey marine. And all the other things Lindy has called him. lol

  14. .Brian » wickedfpoop

    Haha, don't make me get Louis on you he is an ex marine!

  15. wickedfpoop » .Brian

    YOU STINK! How's that for disrespectful! HA!

  16. UndergroundIllusion » wickedfpoop

    Thanks for fixing my site :)

  17. Louis M. » wickedfpoop

    How is I am actually playing W0W and you are ignoring my PMs? I want in your 133t guild damn it!!!

  18. wickedfpoop » Millar

    Poo towel! lol

  19. Gärrett » wickedfpoop

    The cake is NOT a lie. It is delicious, and you must eat it.

  20. .Ryan » wickedfpoop

    Yeah I've heard WoW destroys people haha, I'm not into it so not a problem for me. I heard rumors of a Battlefield 3, you can redeem yourself this summer haha

  21. wickedfpoop » .Ryan

    Yea, I wish I enjoyed good ole FPS's. WoW pretty much ruined that for me. Between that and Lost Odyssey for 360, I've had no time to play anything else. =/

  22. .Ryan » wickedfpoop

    I've converted back to Battlefield 2, got bored of 2142 :P

  23. wickedfpoop » Jason L

    *Obligitory thank you comment*
    THANKS DEWD! lol
    I like spelling dude like that. Makes me feel awesome!

  24. Jason L » wickedfpoop

    Birthday comments are trendy. Happy B-Day

  25. Katsuma » wickedfpoop

    Nice photo you have there. Was it taken on "The Dark Side"?