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  1. dieselpowered

    Ugh, cannot come up with a decent domain name!

  2. dieselpowered

    WOOHOO the design for Outdoor-Forums.com is almost done, take a look and let me know what you think!

    1. Gaffney

      I don't think I've ever seen so many sub-forums.

    2. Black-Elmo

      The skin is really nice. I would however look at moving the login box as it is blocking the header image.

    3. dieselpowered

      @ Gaffney, yes the lack of being able to set forum depths is sort of making things challenging.

      @Black-Elmo, will look at doing this...it is designed to just hoover over the header, but maybe can change some things around.

      Thanks for looking!

    4. .Brian

      I like it a lot!

    5. openfire

      SWEET. Did you design the skin yourself, or have it custom made?

    6. dieselpowered

      @BrianGarcia, thanks very much!

      @openfire, thank you...no I had it made some time ago, it was never finished so I am trying to get it all done.

  3. dieselpowered » Ocean West

    My avatar picture was actually taken in the Alamo Lake, AZ area.

  4. Ocean West » dieselpowered

    your avatar pict looks really familiar - where was it taken?

  5. dieselpowered

    Commence Vegas countdown...woohoo!

  6. dieselpowered

    Finally decided to use IPB for my next project, now to find a designer!

    1. AnthonyKinson

      Check out the custom services directory http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/custom_services.html/_/skinning-and-design/ ;)

    2. dieselpowered

      Yes I will be sure to do that! Thanks.

    3. Stars25

      I haven't submitted my site to that list yet, but I offer cheap, high quality premade and custom skins. PM me for more details! :)

    4. dieselpowered

      Thanks Stars, responded to your PM

    1. Massive Dynamics

      What's wrong?

    2. dieselpowered

      Trying to decide what forum software to use for a new site. Have both IPB and vBulletin and I keep going back and forth, lol.

    3. I_NcaaAdvisor_I


    4. dieselpowered

      Ya I don't know...too many bugs still in the newest version. Very aggravating!

    5. Fishfish0001

      Just go with what feels right :)

  7. dieselpowered

    WOOHOO The Can-Am Commander Is Finally Out!

  8. dieselpowered

    Wonders what software he will use for his newest site.

  9. Katsuma » dieselpowered

    I like the "Amber Alerts" Way to help out the community.