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  1. dieselpowered added a comment on a blog entry: Tag Management Made Easy   

    Thanks, more great enhancements!
  2. dieselpowered added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements   

    WOOHOO I have been asking for this forever!!!
  3. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: IP 2.3.1 Downloads contains Mac OS files   

    Same thing, went to unzip and it tells me that files are encrypted?
  4. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Vbulletin or IP.Board   

    Not sure what you mean? Not a good idea to put the forum ID or a good idea to put it?

    Not that I have found...would be really nice though!
  5. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Vbulletin or IP.Board   

    The URLs are quite close to the vbSEO URLs, except that ipb puts a forum number id in the url.
  6. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Gallery Updates   

    LOL I will do my very best :)
  7. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Gallery Updates   

    Looking forward to this new release...woohoo!
  8. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Easy adding images from gallery to posts   

    Sounds like a great addition to me!
  9. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Vbulletin or IP.Board   

    Yeah Panupat, I tried playing with it and was like, what in the word am I doing...I still have no idea, I have it, but it is not installed for fear I will break something, lol.
  10. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Comments and Non-Validated Members   

    I would think that if non-validated members are unable to view profiles or post comments, that it would be reasonable to make it so that members, admins, mods, that do have access to post comments cannot post on those profiles. In other words, if you require members to validate their e mails prior to becoming a member, receiving PMs, restrict status updates, why let them receive profile comments?

    Just a suggestion :)
  11. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Vbulletin or IP.Board   

    Right there with you Nidoking. When it comes to the ipb vs vb discussion, ask 100 people get 100 different answers, lol.

    Now go buy ipb, cause I think I have more faith in their development plans.
  12. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Update For Blog?   

    Just curious if there is a plan to update the IP.Blog package with all the language phrases since it has been shown that there are quite a few that are missing. I know it shows as fixed in the tracker, however, that is not the case. Some have said that it only adds the missing ones during upgrade from previous version vs a fresh install.

    Please let me know...thanks and keep up the great work!
  13. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Vbulletin or IP.Board   

    But what can I do with that but delete them? If I go into a topic or post and want to add one of those images again, I need to re-upload, yes? Or maybe I am missing something, which would be great! I do really like the flash uploaded though!

    For example, in vb if I attach an image to a thread and 6 months later want to attach that image to another thread, I do not need to reattach, I simply go into the asset manager (the same window that comes up when you attach an image) and select that image. No need to upload again.

    Dont get me wrong, I really like IPB and prefer it now to vb, just trying to give info on either side :)
  14. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Vbulletin or IP.Board   

    Oh one thing to consider also is the support.

    You have to renew your license every six months here in order to get support (even in the forums) whereas it is not like that with vb. With vb, even if you license runs out, you can still get support on the forums.

    Take it for what its worth, now go buy the ipb software :)

    In regards to the spam service, I have only used it shortly, however, it banned one of my sponsors...so not sure how much I like that, lol.
  15. dieselpowered added a post in a topic: Vbulletin or IP.Board   

    Really? I have found quite a few, several within the blog as well as one in the notification options on IPB.

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  1. dieselpowered

    Ugh, cannot come up with a decent domain name!

  2. dieselpowered

    WOOHOO the design for Outdoor-Forums.com is almost done, take a look and let me know what you think!

    1. Gaffney

      I don't think I've ever seen so many sub-forums.

    2. Black-Elmo

      The skin is really nice. I would however look at moving the login box as it is blocking the header image.

    3. dieselpowered

      @ Gaffney, yes the lack of being able to set forum depths is sort of making things challenging.

      @Black-Elmo, will look at doing this...it is designed to just hoover over the header, but maybe can change some things around.

      Thanks for looking!

    4. .Brian

      I like it a lot!

    5. openfire

      SWEET. Did you design the skin yourself, or have it custom made?

    6. dieselpowered

      @BrianGarcia, thanks very much!

      @openfire, thank you...no I had it made some time ago, it was never finished so I am trying to get it all done.

  3. dieselpowered » Ocean West

    My avatar picture was actually taken in the Alamo Lake, AZ area.

  4. Ocean West » dieselpowered

    your avatar pict looks really familiar - where was it taken?

  5. dieselpowered

    Commence Vegas countdown...woohoo!

  6. dieselpowered

    Finally decided to use IPB for my next project, now to find a designer!

    1. AnthonyKinson

      Check out the custom services directory http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/custom_services.html/_/skinning-and-design/ ;)

    2. dieselpowered

      Yes I will be sure to do that! Thanks.

    3. Stars25

      I haven't submitted my site to that list yet, but I offer cheap, high quality premade and custom skins. PM me for more details! :)

    4. dieselpowered

      Thanks Stars, responded to your PM

    1. Massive Dynamics

      What's wrong?

    2. dieselpowered

      Trying to decide what forum software to use for a new site. Have both IPB and vBulletin and I keep going back and forth, lol.

    3. I_NcaaAdvisor_I


    4. dieselpowered

      Ya I don't know...too many bugs still in the newest version. Very aggravating!

    5. Fishfish0001

      Just go with what feels right :)

  7. dieselpowered

    WOOHOO The Can-Am Commander Is Finally Out!

  8. dieselpowered

    Wonders what software he will use for his newest site.

  9. Katsuma » dieselpowered

    I like the "Amber Alerts" Way to help out the community.